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The Monts de Genève Tourist Office is committed to quality in order to ensure you have the best possible holiday!

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In 2018, tourism in the local area was given a boost thanks to the merge of two organisations: Annemasse Tourisme and the Saint-Julien-en-Genevois Tourist Office.

In an effort to further the development initiated by the two historic tourist offices, it is only natural that our new tourism promotion organisation, the Monts de Genève, should be committed to upkeeping the top-quality level of service, both for its visitors and its partners.

The Tourist Office will be sure to listen to the needs and expectations of our clients as well as those of local players who make up the Monts de Genève ecosystem, and also work on developing a sustainable destination. We are therefore committed to integrating the notion of eco-responsibility in all our actions and general way of working.

The emergence of new trends in terms of communication, consumption and research, as well as the health crisis we have all been experiencing since 2020, confirm the relevance of our main objective and we are always striving to improve our offers and our services. We will carry on driving the development of local tourism by bringing together all the territory’s stakeholders to work towards this goal together.

I am committed to raising awareness with, motivating and monitoring my team so that every team member is fully aware of the objectives. I am counting on all our strengths combined so that we can continue on our path to progress and success.


In Annemasse the 9 February 2021

Carole Incandela


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Tourist Offices, accommodation, catering, visits, sports and leisure activities, etc. You’ll see the French Qualité Tourisme™ label all around you throughout your stay!

Choose from the certified establishments for guaranteed top-quality welcome and services.

Close to 5,500 establishments have been awarded the French Qualité Tourisme™ label, to always offer you the best possible service and to continually improve the quality of tourism services in France.


This tourist office, classed under Category I, is a member of the Haute-Savoie Departmental Union of Tourist Offices and Tourist Boards.

It is committed to:

a) Providing you with an easily accessible reception area and information area;
b) Making things easier for you;
c) Providing furniture so that you can sit down;
d) Giving you free information about local tourist activities;
e) Displaying and communicating our opening times in at least two foreign languages;
f) Giving you free WiFi access;
g) Being open at least 305 days a year, Saturdays and Sundays included, in tourist or events season; Answering your written enquiries all year round;
h) Providing a permanent reception service staffed by people who speak at least two foreign languages;
Providing tourist maps, plans and tourist guides in paper form;
j) Giving you access to our dedicated trilingual website suitable for viewing on on-board media;
k) Providing tourist information in paper form as well, translated into at least two foreign languages, concerning:

– all ranked tourist accommodation, including at least the name of the establishment, its postal address, e-mail address, website address, telephone number and ranking level;
– monuments and cultural, natural or leisure tourist sites, potentially including standard prices, opening periods and times, website address and telephone and address details;
– events and shows;
– emergency telephone numbers.

l) Updating its tourist information every year;
m) Displaying emergency telephone numbers outside the Office;
n) Presenting the qualified offer for its area of intervention for all clientele;
o) Allowing you to consult the availability of ranked accommodation;
p) Handling your complaints and measuring your satisfaction;
q) Offering a tourist information service that incorporates new information and communication technology (social networks, mobile telephony, geolocalisation, etc.);
r) Complying with the requirements of the Qualité Tourisme TM label;
s) Providing you with a holiday counsellor;
t) Guaranteeing the reliability and up-to-date nature of our information on local tourist activities.