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Getting about in Annemasse urban centre

TAC network

Easy travel in the Annemasse urban centre area is a priority. There is an efficient cross-border bus network and services on demand.

Travelling with

the TAC network


French sector: 60 mins: Flat rate of €1.40
French sector + Geneva: 120 mins: Ad €4.10/ Ch. €2.50

You can buy tickets directly from the driver or from the TAC office, which is located in the same building as the Annemasse Tourist Office.

Maison de la Mobilité et du Tourisme
Place de la Gare- 74100 Annemasse

Mondays to Fridays: 09:30-12:30 – 13:30-18:00
Saturdays: 09:30-12:30

Regional one-day travelcard
Ad.: €11.30/Ch. €5.60
This card allows you to travel anywhere in Geneva for 1 day, beginning at 09:00.