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Health measures


Producers, shopkeepers, restaurant owners, leisure venues, associations…

Our partners do their utmost to take care of your every need in the context of the current health crisis.

To help you plan your holiday as best as possible, our team will inform you of the specific measures related to Covid-19.

From 24 January 2022, the ‘vaccine pass’ is in effect across the whole of France, applicable to anyone over the age of 16. It is required to access places of leisure, culture, bars and restaurants, as well as on inter-regional transport. Find the offer in question below.

the vaccine pass

How is it applied in the Monts de Genève?

Testing centres:
See the testing centres on the map. Booking highly recommended.

Vaccination centres:
Centre de vaccination du Genevois – European Scientific Institute – 61 Rue Antoine Redier, 74160 Archamps
Centre de Vaccination Covid-19 – Complexe Martin Luther King 74100 Annemasse

Conditions for entering French and Swiss territory:

Follow the guidelines set by the French Ministry.

Travelcheck for people travelling to Switzerland: Travelcheck online will inform you of the applicable measures for entering the country.