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in Monts de Genève

Where can you park your car or motorbike in Annemasse and Saint-Julien?

Parking in Saint-Julien is easy!

Around 2000 spaces

You can leave your car in the centre of St-Julien when you go shopping or to take public transport to Geneva.
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Parking tips in Annemasse

Room for everyone

There are a wide range of possibilities on offer in terms of parking in Annemasse. There are enough spaces for everyone, whether free or paid, depending on what you need. The first half-hour of parking is free in closed underground and overground car parks.
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Take off with peace of mind

Park’n plane Geneva

Book your parking space and taxi 15 minutes from Geneva Airport.
The car parks in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, close to Geneva Airport, are a practical, cheap and safe alternative.