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Randonnée : Tour de Tavaneuse par le lac, et descente par le passage de Savolaire

Walking/pedestrian at Abondance
11.2 km
6h 30min
  • Magnificent itinerary right in the heart of high mountain pastures. Hike up to the lake and then to the Col de Tavaneuse via a lovely mountain track which lives up to its name. The lake is very relaxing whilst the mountain pass offer amazing views over the Abondance valleys.
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Points of interest
1 Abbey of Abondance
This abbey dominates the village since the 12th century. Come discover an architectural, artistic and religious heritage of great renown.<br/>First monument of the department classified as "Historical Monuments", the Abbey of Abondance is a jewel of medieval religious art. Discover the abbey church and its trompe l'oeil decorations, the cloister and its of 15th century wall paintings, as well as the exhibition "From History to Art: Sacred Heritages in the Abondance Valley" located in a part of the old monastery.
2 L'église abbatiale
Ensemble architecturale gothique, l'église Notre Dame de l'Assomption possède une histoire riche et complexe. Ornée de décors en trompe-l'oeil peints au XIXème siècle par un artiste piémontais Casimir Vicario et d'un mobilier somptueux, à ne pas manquer.
3 Abondance cheese cultural centre
This place allows to understand all the special features of this product under Protected Designation of Origin. A fun, scientific and
sensory.<br/>Learn about all the interesting details of this cheese certified "Appellation d’Origine Protégée" (Protected Designation of Origin) the visitor’s centre.
An entertaining, scientific and sensorial visit. Set off on a 9-stage discovery across landscapes, the five senses and techniques. Here time is no longer fragmented, it unfolds its treasures. Open your eyes wide, listen, smell, breathe
in the pastures, steeped in hard work, from the freshness of the valleys to the warm smell of milk straight from the udder, from the rich aroma of rennet
to the dense odors of curing cheese…
Pay attention, all those who are willing to open themselves up and receive, will reap the rewards: a taste for the world.
4 Chablais UNESCO Global Geopark
The Chablais region has a globally unique geological heritage. In recognition of this, it is a UNESCO Global Geopark.<br/>The remarkable environment of the Chablais impregnates the life and culture of its people. The strong links between man and the Earth can be seen through its mountain traditions, buildings, natural resources and legends …
This unique landscape tells a story which spans 245 million years. Before the mountains there was the Alpine Ocean. The future rocks of the Chablais were laid down as sediments in this ocean. When the Alps were formed, the rocks were moved, uplifted, fractured and folded. Glaciers then sculpted these stunning landscapes.
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