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Montée du Semnoz est

at Annecy
31.0 km
Bike routes
  • The relatively easy first part of the climb, to the Col de Leschaux, is followed by a series of much steeper switchbacks. This section gets the morning sun but there is plenty of shade until you get to the summit, which boasts one of the best views in Savoie Mont Blanc.
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Points of interest
1 Lake Annecy
Beauty of the lake and mountains evolving all the time! Lake Annecy's clear waters are surrounded by moutains which colours change with seasons or light: green in spring and summer, glowing colours in autumn, pristine white in winter. Simply amazing...<br/>It is possible to admire the landscape from summits, when paragliding or along the cycle path that runs from Annecy to Savoy.

Moreover, thanks to numerous protective actions performed for over 40 years, local people and tourists enjoy a protected environment: lake Annecy is considered as one of the purest lakes in Europe. The clearness and pureness of its water offer the opportunity to practice many water activities: swimming, of course, but also sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing, water skiing, scuba diving, fishing...

Lake Annecy is a perfect place for sports, leisure and also to discover history and local heritage. Stroll around the colourful, paved streets of Annecy's Old town, discover castles and museums, meet local craftspeople...

Lake Annecy is also famous for its markets (with local products, cheese and delicatessen) and restaurants (local or gastronomic cuisine, fish and seafood...).
2 Cathédrale Saint Pierre
La cathédrale a été édifiée en 1535 pour être l'église des Franciscains. Mais aussitôt, elle est devenue la cathédrale provisoire des évêques de Genève, réfugiés à Annecy suite à la Réforme protestante qui a eu lieu à Genève.<br/>Ancienne chapelle du couvent des Cordeliers, né d’un voeu de piété de Pierre Lambert, homme d’église, l’édifice est construit entre 1535 et 1538. Jacques Rossel, maître d’oeuvre sur le chantier de la cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Genève, y travaille.

L’église de l’évêque de Genève
A partir de 1538, suite au passage de Genève à la réforme protestante et à l’exil à Annecy des membres du clergé catholique, l’église accueille le siège de l’évêque. En 1822, l’église est finalement érigée en cathédrale du diocèse d’Annecy.

Entre architecture gothique et Renaissance
L’église présente un gothique sévère mais typique. La façade, dernière étape de la construction, change de style, témoignant de l’influence de la Renaissance artistique italienne. Au premier niveau, la façade est divisée en trois parties grâce à des pilastres verticaux. Le deuxième niveau est surmonté d’un fronton triangulaire. A côté des éléments de style renaissant, la façade conserve deux baies en arc brisé et une rose gothique, qui s’inspire de celle que Jacques Rossel exécute à partir de 1511 à la tour sud de la cathédrale de Genève. Vers 1775, afin d’embellir le choeur, un nouvel aménagement est réalisé par l’architecte turinois Giovanni Piacenza.
3 Le Semnoz
Le Semnoz mountain, a vast protected area, 16 km long and stretching from an altitude of 450 m to one of 1,699 m. Close to Lake Annecy, it offers a vast terrain for play and discovery in all 4 seasons (skiing, snowshoeing, walks, mountain biking...).<br/>Le Semnoz, to the north of the Bauges mountains and bordering the western bank of Lake Annecy, is a concentration of activities.
In winter, the ski resort offers an ideal terrain for practicing cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing and snowkiting.
In summer, make way for the alpine pastures with their animals, farms and cheese production. It is also the chance to go for a wander along the many walking paths and mountain bike circuits. The resort offers an alpine slide and various downhill activities (devalkart, runix...). You can also discover the botanical path and rock climbing sites.
All year round, Le Semnoz - with the Crêt de Chatillon as its highest point - offers a viewpoint indicator and 360-degree view. A magnificent site for admiring the French Alps, with Mont-Blanc in the background.
4 Panorama of the Mountain of Le Semnoz
Walk up on the town of Sevrier to discover beautiful viewpoints on lake Annecy and its peaks.<br/>Up on the town of Sevrier, you will discover beautiful viewpoints on lake Annecy and its peaks. You will also cross and discover valleys in the Semnoz forest.
5 Panorama of the Semnoz Plateau
Family walk on the Semnoz top plateau. Discover high mountain pastures and a magnificent panorama.<br/>The Semnoz top plateau offers a walking and sports area, all the year. To Le Crêt de l'Aigle, a family walk allows you to discover high mountain pastures and a magnificent panorama. When the weather is clear and blue, we can see mountains of lake Annecy, mountains of Les Aravis and of Les Bauges, and Le Mont-Blanc. In winter, it is better to use cross-country skis or snowshoes. To Le Crêt de Chatillon (highest point of Le Semnoz - 1699m), you will find a orientation table.
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