Raquettes Aux Voirons Mathis Decroux 18Raquettes Aux Voirons Mathis Decroux 18
©Raquettes Aux Voirons Mathis Decroux 18|Mathis Decroux
Winter activitiesFollow our guides

Follow our guides

Enjoy your favorite outdoor activities this winter! All in the safety of our mountain guides. Our mountain guides are experts in nature and best practices, and will guide you through unique experiences.

So, are you ready for adventure? Just follow our guides!

With the Bureau de la Montagne du Salève

Outing to the Vuache

Explore the Vuache, a singular massif with lush flora and fauna. On request, the Bureau de la Montagne du Salève offers guided walks. Keep your eyes wide open! If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a Peregrine Falcon, a Golden Eagle or a Great Horned Owl! Follow your guide up this mountain, which has so much to offer in terms of scenery and exceptional views of neighboring peaks.

With Ludovic

Mountain biking on snow

Head for the Salève for a thrilling ride. Ludovic Fenet, guide at the Bureau de la Montagne du Salève, welcomes you to a snow bike outing with views of the Alps, Switzerland and the Jura. Do summer hiking trails hold no secrets for you? On your VTTAE, explore them covered in their white coat. It’s a fun way to (re)discover the Salève.

With Philippe

Survival course on the Salève

Overcome your limits for a day with Philippe Desmonet. Immersed in a snowy environment, learn all the techniques of winter survival. Fire in the snow, insulation from the cold, knowledge of edible plants and orientation without a compass will no longer hold any secrets for you. Become a true extreme adventurer after this incredible experience in the heart of the Salève forests.

With Jean-Marc

Snowshoe walk

Enjoy a walk on fresh snow with Jean-Marc Peutet. Guide at the Maison de la Montagne des Voirons, discover all the secrets of this mountain through his stories and anecdotes. Between forest and panoramic views of Lake Geneva, this is the setting in which he will share his knowledge of the local flora and fauna. With Jean-Marc, the magic of Les Voirons is yours to discover.

With Sandrine

A lively stroll through Geneva

Discover the secrets of cosmopolitan Geneva with Sandrine Busca and her unusual guided tours. Join us on a themed tour and become a part of the action! From architecture to street art, follow the thread of history alongside a passionate and fascinating guide. For the more adventurous, take up the challenge of Sandrine’s life-size treasure hunts. Visits that will leave you with plenty of memories!

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