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in the Monts de Genève

Beginner or expert, fly fishing or with bait… The lakes and rivers of the Monts de Genève make this the ideal destination for fishing!

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What do I need to do

to go fishing?

You’ll need to get yourself a fishing permit before being able to go fishing (even if it’s only for one day!)

Anyone with a fishing permit, including the CPMA fee for the current year, can go fishing in second category waters with 1 fishing rod and 2 hooks (or 3 artificial flies).

Purchasea fishing permit


can I go fishing?

Le Rhône

(2nd category)

Fishing is possible all year round along the 2 banks (2nd category) with 4 fishing rods and 2 hooks, or 3 artificial flies, with an AAPPMA fishing permit, from the Swiss border upstream of the Chancy-Pougny dam to the hydroelectric plant in Anglefort, upstream of Motz dam.

Fishing is not permitted in the areas 100 metres upstream and downstream of the dams.

Lac Léman

(2nd category)

On the French side only, either from the shores or on foot in the water.

Please note that the regulations are slightly different for troll fishing: find out more on the website for the AAPPMA APALLF.


(2nd category)

From the confluence with the Bon Nant in Sallanches up to the Swiss border.

Lac de Chenex

(1st category)

Chênex lake is a privately-owned hill reservoir, classified as an enclosed body of water. The population of fish here is dense and varied and it’s possible to catch rainbow trout, pike, carp and black bass.
Fly fishing only, 1 fishing rod per person, 3 flies without a barb.

Winter season

Fishing is reserved for holders of a reservoir fishing permit (permit only valid for fishing at this lake, to be picked up from the Tabac Roussel, 3 Route de Bellegarde in Valleiry or at the Colombière Campsite in Neydens).
All fish caught must be put back in the water.

Summer season

Fishing is reserved for holders of a fishing permit for this reservoir or for Haute-Savoie.
1 trout per day, per person.
All other species of fish caught must be put back in the water.

Lac d’Ogny

(1st category)

Ogny Lake is in Saint-Julien and is a hill reservoir where populations of rainbow trout are added throughout the year. There are also cyprinids here such as carp, tench and gudgeon.

Lac de Machilly

(2nd category)

Machilly Lake is in an exceptional location between Lake Geneva and the Vallée Verte, Annemasse and Douvaine! This 8-hectare lake is easy to access and is brimming with carnivorous fish such as pike and perch, white fish such as bream, tench and roach, and common carp.

You can also catch some nice trout here!

The golden rules for responsible fishing

You must be respectful of others, of nature and the fish.
There should be no evidence of your presence here in the river: respect the fishing areas and don’t throw any rubbish in the water (waste, bait boxes, netting, etc.).
Any hooks left behind can cause injury. Do not risk creating a biological imbalance by throwing away any remaining live bait and lure when you’ve finished fishing.

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