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Festival & art trail in the Voirons mountains

"Chemins de Crête"

Out of doors

With works by Félicia Atkinson, collectif Mulot, Laurie Dall’Ava, Jill Gasparina, Eric Giraudet de Boudemange, Julie Kieffer, Maxime Lamarche, Ambroise Tièche, Adrianna Wallis.
And festival participation by Perrine Bettin & chef Hubert Chanove, Adélaïde Fériot, Antonin Horquin, Bastien Mignot…

The contemporary art center of Annemasse, the Villa du Parc, is organizing an unprecedented outside-the-walls festival between contemporary art and nature on the massif des Voirons this summer.

Out of doors

July 1 to September 30, 2023

Les Voirons is a mountain massif in the French Genevois region, overlooking Lake Geneva opposite the Salève and Jura mountains, and opening up the view towards the Mont-Blanc massif. Home to several protected animal species as well as a diverse flora, Les Voirons, now a European Natura 2000 site, has been inhabited since ancient times, and abounds in stories and legends told for generations.

La Villa du Parc invites artists, architects, author.trices, performers, and specialists from different fields to echo and resonate with this exceptional setting by conceiving in situ works inspired by the natural and cultural specificities of this mountain (landscapes, legends and uses of the massif).

A journey of artistic sculptural and sound works is thus to be discovered all summer long during a stroll of around 1h30 around the Signal des Voirons, the highest point of the massif at 1450 m. A work-cabin serves as a landmark and opens up to contemplation of the landscape, while the works forming a loop around it underline and reactivate the imaginations of the Voirons.

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