Vue Depuis Collonges AinVue Depuis Collonges Ain
©Vue Depuis Collonges Ain|Christel Rampon
ViaRhônaFollowing the path of the Rhône


ViaRhôna is a cycle trail between Lake Geneva and the Mediterranean, along the banks of one of the largest rivers in Europe: the Rhône.   A section of the trail passes through Monts de Genève, between the city, the countryside and the low mountain region.
Cycling through this countryside is the best way to explore it!

Passerelle sur le Rhône à SeysselPasserelle sur le Rhône à Seyssel
©Passerelle sur le Rhône à Seyssel|© Christian Martelet/Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Tourisme


Geneva-Vulbens stage

The first stage of the cycle trail begins in Geneva, Switzerland and ends in Vulbens in France. The trail stretches over 33 km in and around Monts de Genève. It is a great way to explore the Geneva countryside, with its vineyards and its unspoilt nature. This section has a reputation for being pretty difficult, owing not only to the gradient but also to the traffic: the final part of the stage is on the road. There are currently plans to make it easier for cyclists to negotiate the traffic.

Between here and the sea, there are 700 km left to go. The green lane will take you through unmissable locations such as Seyssel, Lyon, Valence, Avignon and even Arles.

The holiday advisors at the Monts de Genève Tourist Office can help you prepare your cycle trip with tips on accommodation or restaurants.
There are other green lanes in the area, such as the ‘voieVerte du Grand Genève‘ between Bonne and Geneva.