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Aloe Leman

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Aloe Leman

Stuck for ideas for your drinks? Try the combination of the freshness of aloe vera with the tart notes of hibiscus. Aloe Leman is the fresh ally of your summer!

Published on 1 July 2022

Cocktail does not necessarily mean alcoholic!

Discover the recipe of Café Léman’s specialty and be surprised by the original combination of flavors.

A delightful treat!

Recipe for 5 people
Preparation time: 5 min
Infusion time : 12h


– 1 liter of Aloe Vera
– 5 g of hibiscus
– 1 half lemon
– 10 fresh mint leaves
– Ice cubes

Recipe Steps.

1. Infuse the hibiscus in the aloe vera in the refrigerator (12h).

2. Put 20 cl of the preparation in the shaker along with a slice of lemon, mint and ice cubes.

3. Shake and serve.

4. Add a slice of lemon and mint as garnish.

The Chief's advice

The more you shake the more the chlorophyll from the mint will diffuse as well as the bitterness from the lemon.

Have a good tasting!
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