Michel Verdu

“Love is my search engine.”

Get ready for a culinary tour of the Salève region and a unique experience! In his signature restaurant, La Pagerie, Michel Verdu promises you an introduction to the flavours of the region but with a touch of mystery in every dish…a winning formula for 10 years now!

When you sit down to eat at La Pagerie, you never know what you’re going to be served! Michel Verdu is counting on winning you over with a surprise…from the chef! The menu takes up all of 5 lines: five or seven courses, business set menu or set menu for young diners: the choice is yours! One single clue about this menu, the signature of the chef: “cuisine is an art where simplicity is a sign of perfection.” That should set the tone and be enough to awaken your curiosity! “I give a concert every evening. A live performance!”, he enjoys saying. He is certainly ready to make a “concert”-ed effort to make sure you enjoy your meal. “Meat, fish or vegan? We will adapt to suit your tastes. The most important thing is for you to enjoy yourself!”, says the chef, for whom cuisine is a straightforward route to happiness. He has been honing his craft for 35 years now; his technique is flawless, and he devotes the creativity of his artistic side to wowing your taste buds every evening, Tuesdays to Saturdays.

In his palette of flavours, vegetables take pride of place! Colours also go hand-in-hand with them, needless to say. It looks as good as it tastes, inspired by Monts de Genève itself, as Michel Verdu offers a panoramic view of the region! He is a nature enthusiast and enjoys picking mountain herbs in Salève and Voirons: his absolute favourites are wood sorrel, which adds a touch of green-apple acidity; salad burnet; and the incomparable wild garlic, which carpets the high-altitude forest floor from May onwards and which he uses to butter up his customers. Michel Verdu is a devotee of beetroot, leek and carrot, which he conjures up into a surprising dessert! Who are his allies? The producers of our region, Margland snails, Aurélie Créta the greengrocer in Gaillard, and asparagus from theVallée Verte, for example, spanning a radius of 70 km. He is in love with his products and treats them like royalty, bringing them to the fore in his own special way, such as vendace, the lake fish he imbues with an added flavour without denaturing it (a closely guarded secret!).

“The hardest part is keeping things simple”, admits Michel Verdu. The artist composes a new menu every evening, from Tuesday to Saturday, and the author tells a different story every night! He even goes as far as recreating a “Last Supper” at his great oaken table every 3rd Thursday of the month, where he summons 12 guest “apostles” to taste his 4 latest creations; during the meal, they break the black bread that he kneads, proves and bakes himself. This is the birth of an experience, in your plate and at the table: no tablecloth; a wood, stone and plant décor; no ‘fuss’…welcome to La Pagerie, and the love of a chef who breaks the mould and helps you embrace the future. “When you come to my restaurant, you press reset, you let go.”