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Stéphane PatrySyndicat Intercommunal du Vuache

Stéphane Patry

Project manager in charge of land use planning and protection of natural areas

The need to connect with nature is essential. It is easy to walk around, to observe it but not always to understand it.
To deepen one’s knowledge, there is nothing better than to exchange with an expert.
Get to know Stéphane Patry from the Syndicat Intercommunal du Vuache to discover the fauna and flora of this massif.

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“Good humor is the beginning of happiness.”

Stéphane Patry
Stéphane Patry

Nature lover

A passionate naturalist, Stéphane is a lover of the Vuache and its biodiversity. Holder of a Master 2 in science and ecology, his keen interest in botany was very quickly imposed. He admits it himself “I was more attracted by the scientific side of the studies than by the literary side”. It is at the beginning of the years 2000 that he takes his functions within the Syndicat Intercommunal du Vuache. First as a development agent and then as a project manager dedicated to the development and protection of the area. Originally from the Giffre Valley, he was quickly adopted by the whole Vuache area. His skills and his knowledge of the local fauna and flora have enabled him to establish himself as a referent and a choice interlocutor whose good mood and smile are appreciated by all. On a daily basis, he manages the development of adapted pedestrian, mountain bike and equestrian itineraries and promotes them through various projects. But not only! Stephane is a man of ground and one can sometimes meet him on the paths. He will make you discover the multiple explanatory panels of the history and archeology of the Vuache and the interpretation of the landscapes.

Stéphane Patry

Raising awareness

He also raises awareness in an educational way about the regulations for protecting natural areas with schoolchildren and the general public. For him, “It is important to be able to explain and draw attention. If we want to preserve ecosystems, we must above all know how to consume them in moderation”. As a developer, he ensures the practicability, safety and marking of trails. To step back and put himself in the shoes of the walkers is essential for him. This allows him to ensure the quality of the facilities and their appropriation by the public. “During my outings, I pretend I don’t know the territory. I walk the trails to understand, research and see what we can expect from the territory”.
Putting a critical eye is what allows him to see what we no longer see. The rich biodiversity of the Vuache is a real pearl and each outing is a treat. What Stéphane likes most of all is to rub shoulders, to exchange and to share. For more than 22 years, Stéphane has forged strong links with the population and the elected officials. He has in particular forged links with Jacques Bordon (naturalist recognized in Haute-Savoie) who has passed on to him a large part of his knowledge and his passion. An attachment to the mountain but especially to the local actors who cherish it and who are a source of inspiration on a daily basis.

Awareness and preservation of the Vuache is now a priority for him. Designated a remarkable site in Haute-Savoie, the Vuache is classified NATURA 2000 and Sensitive Natural Area for its biodiversity. The respect of the territory, of the intrinsic richness linked to the natural, cultural and rural heritage are so many things that he has in heart to share and transmit. “To discover the Vuache is to explore a nature at the heart of discovery.”

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