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Sandrine Busca

Founder ~ manager

Learn about Geneva in a different way. This is what Sandrine Busca proposes.
Set off on an adventure with her in the streets of Geneva to find out about Calvin’s city that is more atypical than ever. She’ll also share some of her top tips with you. With something for every budget!

Sandrine Busca, Genève pas cherSandrine Busca, Genève pas cher
©Sandrine Busca, Genève pas cher

“Enjoy the region, embrace the best it has to offer! Get some fresh air and have fun! ”

Sandrine Busca


Sandrine is from the French capital! She was born in Paris, grew up there and did all her studies there too. After graduating, she decided to move to the south of France. She lived in Marseille for around ten years. She loved to devote time to her various hobbies, competing in fencing competitions and also taking on the challenging activity of improvisational theatre.

For several years now, Sandrine has also been very familiar with eastern France! While she was in high school, she often came to visit one of her friends who lived in Neuvecelle. From these trips, she grew to love the area. After her time in Marseille, she was looking for a new experience and decided to come to Haute-Savoie. As a dual citizen, she was delighted to come and live in this destination on the borders of France and Switzerland. Sandrine found the perfect balance close to nature (lakes, forests, mountains, etc.) and at the same time near the city of Geneva. She took up lots of leisure activities including hiking in the mountains and walks in the great outdoors.

Tours that are anything but


She began a twenty year career in this binational destination. As a journalist, a great communicator and specialist in events management, she took on the role of head of communications for a big supermarket brand.

Then she decided to leave her position and create her own company. She realised that she wanted to show people that Geneva is a destination for everyone, not just for the luxury industry and for those with a significant budget. Sandrine explores the accessible side of Geneva, a cosmopolitan and multicultural city.

She created her own selection of ‘affordable things to see and do in Geneva’. Her concept is to show visitors some of the fantastic places to discover all over this famous city at the tip of the lake. She recommends her very own selection of restaurants, bars, cultural venues and all sorts of activities, on both the French and Swiss sides of the border.

She is also developing another aspect to her company: themed tours to learn about the history of Geneva in an original way. Sandrine has designed these guided tours to make them fun and interactive! She doesn’t offer a ‘traditional’ historic tour, she provides an opportunity to really plunge into the city’s history and experience it from within. Sandrine guides visitors through investigations, role plays and other interactive experiences, and every adventure is different.

Sandrine is passionate about exploring the entire destination on either side of the border. She has therefore expanded her business beyond Geneva and she offers new experiences and recommendations on the French side too.

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