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Sandrine Busca

Founder ~ Director

How to get to know Geneva differently? This is what Sandrine Busca proposes.
With her, go on an adventure in the streets of Geneva to get to know the city of Calvin more unusual than ever and also take advantage of its good deals. And all this for all budgets!


“Take advantage of the region, keep the best of it! Get some fresh air and have a blast!”

Sandrine Busca


Sandrine is a child of the capital! Born in Paris, she grew up there and continued her schooling there. Just after graduating, she decided to move to the South of France. She settled in Marseille for ten years. At the same time, she blossomed in her hobbies: practicing fencing in competition, she also indulged in the difficult exercise of improvisational theater.

Sandrine knows the border region well and has known it for many years! Indeed, during her high school years, she visited one of her friends, a resident of Neuvecelle. These meetings are for her an introduction to this territory that she takes in affection. After her adventure in Marseille and in search of a new life, she packed her bags and headed for the Haute-Savoie. As a bi-national, she is happy to settle in the French-Swiss territory. Sandrine found a perfect balance between nature (lakes, forests, mountains…) and urban life with the proximity of Geneva. It is in this area that she enjoys her leisure activities: hiking in the mountains and walks in the countryside.

Visits anything but


In this same multi-national context, she began a professional career that would last some twenty years. As a communicator, journalist and event specialist, she was in charge of communications for a major retail chain.

Then, she decided to leave her job and create her own company. After a personal observation, she wants to show that Geneva is accessible to all, that the city is not reserved only for luxury and “everything is expensive”. Through her business, Sandrine explores the popular Geneva, within reach, cosmopolitan and multicultural.

She has created “les bons plans Genève pas cher”. This concept is a real jewel of addresses to discover everywhere in the famous city at the end of the lake. Good addresses of restaurants, bars, cultural spaces or activities of all kinds are unearthed by Sandrine to travel the two territories.

At the same time, she is developing another aspect of her activity: themed tours to learn about the history of Geneva in an original way. These guided tours, Sandrine thought them playful and participative! She does not propose a “traditional” historical visit but rather to enter into the history of the city and to become an actor of it. Between role-playing, investigations and immersions, Sandrine takes us on adventures, each one more different than the last.

Exploring the border territory is also one of Sandrine’s motivations. Thus, she extends her activity beyond Geneva to propose new experiences and good plans on the French side.

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