Cueillette avec Patrick Loste
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Patrick LosteAlpnature

Patrick Loste

Founder of Alpnature

Ready for a walk in the mountains? Patrick Loste will take you with him into the Voirons mountains.
Watching the wildlife and gathering and understanding wild plants are on the agenda.
Gourmets are also not forgotten, with cookery workshops and tastings!
Lace up your boots and head for Mont Béné.

Cueillette avec Patrick Loste

“Being a mountain guide means living in the present. I have to observe, analyse, anticipate, make decisions, perform, participate, cooperate, live with, adapt, support, comfort, give confidence and listen to others and myself.”

Patrick Loste

The organisation

Head towards the La Marmotte guesthouse where qualified mountain guide Patrick Loste will be waiting to welcome you to his gîte. He’s keen to share his passion for the countryside with you during activities offered by Alpnature. There’s always something to do in the mountains, no matter the season.

Watching wildlife can be enjoyed in both winter and summer. Seeing the ibex and marmots in their natural habitat is a beautiful, magical sight! Or, how about a gathering walk? Patrick knows all about the native plants. He can talk about them for hours and can even cook them for you. Interested? He offers cookery courses with the plants you’ve gathered as the main theme! When winter arrives and covers the lush mountain greenery in a blanket of snow, a whole new landscape can be explored on snowshoes.

Patrick doesn’t just know all about the countryside. He can also tell you all about the history of this region and its secrets and take you on a tour of the millstone quarries in the Vallée Verte.

Patrick loste

The Chef

Originally from Burgundy, he was born in Nevers which is the town which created nougatine! As was common in those days, Patrick grew up in a patriarchal family. The kitchen was ‘a woman’s place’. However, he didn’t see it this way. Strong-willed, he didn’t want to just follow convention. He wanted to work in the kitchen and was determined to break any stereotyping. He had to be sneaky to learn about cooking. “I even stole recipes from my sister!” Thanks to these recipes, he was able to hone his skills and fall in love with the art of fine dining. Few young people aged 13 know what they want to do. But Patrick’s mind was made up. “I don’t want to do anything else!” he announced at secondary school. He focused completely on his passion and managed to get accepted into Dijon catering school.
Patrick enjoys sport, and climbing in particular. He pursued this activity throughout his school years. After 3 years of hard work and learning and with his qualifications completed there was nothing to stop him attaining his dream and working in a kitchen. However, it’s not easy to get established as a chef. You have to climb the ladder one rung at a time. Patiently, Patrick used his professional experiences to develop himself. He slowly worked his way up, starting as an assistant cook, before being promoted and becoming head of the steward’s kitchen!

Patrick came to the Monts de Genève region in 1980. He was back working as a chef in 1981 in Geneva. Once he had settled, he discovered the joys of the mountains and fell in love with the region’s potential. Always very committed to local life and his own passions, he taught climbing and mountaineering at the Club Alpin Français d’Annemasse for 10 years. Following this, he co-founded the Bon-en-Chablais climbing club and is still in charge of this club today. Patrick works hard on the organisation’s development, as well as his own personal development. Curious by nature, he’s always ready to learn new things and acquire new skills. In 2003, Patrick started his training to become a mountain guide. This was born out of his passion for walking and his growing interest in the countryside.

He was therefore delighted to meet François Couplan, a well-known ethnobotanist, during a gathering trip.
Keen on exchanging skills, Patrick offered François a deal. He would concentrate on the culinary activities and in exchange he would be able to participate in François’ botanical courses so that he could build up the knowledge he needed.

Everything as regards Alpnature began with a moment of revelation. Yes – that’s right, a revelation! Patrick had a moment of realisation while celebrating his 40th birthday in a mountain refuge. He wanted to live close to the mountains, have his own guesthouse and become a guide. In 2004, he and his wife found the L’Auberge du Mont Béné hotel. They converted it into a guesthouse, renamed it ‘Le logis de la Marmotte’ and moved in. Patrick was successful with his training. In 2006, he became a qualified guide. He could finally set himself up as an independent guide and offer activities to the public. Well, almost! He had to wait until 2007 to create Alpnature.

The aim?
To make a link between the mountains and cuisine. To pass on all his knowledge because “It’s by sharing knowledge that knowledge develops!” To meet people and above all to reconnect them with the countryside.
Patrick Loste is a man who wears many hats and who breaks with convention. He has been passionate throughout his life about cuisine. “Cuisine? It’s my whole world!”

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