Ludivine BellengéLudivine Bellengé
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Ludivine Bellengé

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“If the mountain won’t come to you, you must go to the mountain. ”
This phrase literally describes Ludivine Bellengé’s story. After having spent a few days in the region, she found her life-affirming place in Le Salève and decided to live close to the mountain.

Ludivine BellengéLudivine Bellengé
©Ludivine Bellengé

“Le Salève has a whole other energy: its waves, its stories, its mountain pastures and forests, the cliff edges – there are so many activities to do! Walking, running, listening and breathing the air gives you such a boost!”

Ludivine Bellengé
Ludivine Bellengé

Salève addict

This woman, who is originally from La Marne in Champagne-Ardenne, has now lived in the Haute-Savoie for 11 years. She’s a real fan of Le Salève to such an extent that she now knows all its legends as well as any Savoie local – if not better. But, she does not stop there.

“I always discover things to find out about in Le Salève,” she says. “The most adventurous person in her family”, as she describes herself, Ludivine has not only found Le Salève to be her life-affirming place, but also her perfect playground.
Hiking, geocaching using GPS, trail running, running and cycling – the list of leisure activities she enjoys in Le Salève is long.

Her breath of fresh air

Le Salève

After graduating in accounting, she began a busy career in business. However, as a fan of high places and adrenaline, she kept trying to find her niche by changing jobs many times until she came across the chance to work as a cabin girl on the Le Salève cable car. She worked in this role for 2 years.

Her attachment to this mysterious mountain has run through her life. It’s literally the rock in her life as her balcony overlooks Le Salève.

It’s her job, her breath of fresh air and injection of nature where she recharges her batteries. She shares her passion via her Instagram account @lulueee (it’s very inspirational to follow!).

Ludivine tells us anecdotes about Le Salève, takes us off the beaten track and teaches us how to discover this underestimated (according to her) mountain, while taking the time to respect the countryside.

At the end of August 2021, the Salève cable car was closed for 20 months of renovation work.

For Ludivine Bellengé, it was time to finish her training as a lift operator, but also to enjoy new experiences and adventures, and meet new people. All before returning to the Salève.

What if you were...
Monts de Genève

Le Salève

A place

La Croix de Savoie

A dish

A goat cheese and honey pizza

An activity

Trail running

A perfect day

Getting up at dawn, running to Le Salève and admiring the sun rising behind Mont Blanc

A song

The sounds of the countryside, the wind blowing in the trees

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