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Jorris SantaluciaDirector

Jorris Santalucia

Director of the Chosal Farm

Discover the journey of Jorris Santalucia, director of Chosal Farm.

A true jack-of-all-trades and sportsman with a big heart, enter his world full of humanity and altruism.


“The power to act is to give another look at the way we consume and become an actor in the reflection and the footprint we leave on the planet.”

Jorris Santalucia
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Born in Picardy, in a family originally from the Sarthe, Jorris lived for a long time in the Grésivaudan Valley. In 1996, he arrived in Douvaine and then moved to Cuvat and Annecy where he lives today. As he likes to say, the mountains have always been an anchor point. He has found in Haute-Savoie a balance where he can fully enjoy the richness of the region. Practicing the mountain in all seasons, he is both a triathlete and a referee in the summer but also a federal snowboard and ski instructor in the winter. In love with the great outdoors and human contact, it is naturally that he is attached to the local culture and to the locals.

Being in the city but at the same time close to nature is the source of positive energy and resourcefulness for Jorris. Thus, the mountains of Geneva have no secret for him. Like an explorer, he rides his bike across the territory. It is his way to discover, in a completely different way, the nuggets of the destination. Jorris loves the region and advocates it loud and clear through the values he wishes to transmit.



Trained as a socio-cultural facilitator, he gradually climbed the ladder. From director of a youth center to director of an addiction treatment center, he naturally went on to co-direct the Federation of Youth Centers in the Rhône-Alpes region. Brilliant for his altruism and empathy, he is now fulfilling his duties as Director of the Ferme de Chosal (ESAT). Advocating the development of the power to act, this is what led him to move into the field of social mutual aid. Since 2021, he has been working to promote activities in this field. A place of awareness open to the general public for self-picking, the discovery of an educational farm and artistic walks. But also a place of professional integration in solidarity…

For him, #happytowork, #lovemyjob and #theplacetobe are the terms he uses to describe his everyday job. He wishes to allow everyone to develop, acquire and transmit their skills. Everyone has the right to make mistakes and can grow professionally. In a supportive and environmental society, everyone has a potential that can be recognized by the simple power of action. An awareness that he wishes to transmit to the greatest number of people in order to have another look at the world of disability and also at the way we consume on a daily basis.

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