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Jorris SantaluciaDirector

Jorris Santalucia

Director of the Ferme de Chosal

Find out more about Jorris Santalucia, director at the Ferme de Chosal.
This man’s talents know no bounds and he’s also a sports fanatic. Let’s take a look into his world where compassion and thoughts for others take pride of place.


“The ‘power to act’ is all about encouraging other means of consumption and taking on an active role in the mark we leave behind on the planet. ”

Jorris Santalucia
Urban life


Jorris was born in Picardie and his family was originally from the Sarthe. He lived in the Grésivaudan valley for a long time. He came to Douvaine in 1996 and then moved to Cuvat, then Annecy where he now lives.  He loves to say that the mountains have always rooted him. In Haute-Savoie, he has found a balance where he can fully appreciate the wealth of the region. He enjoys the mountains in all seasons as he’s a triathlete and referee in the summer, and snowboarding and skiing instructor in the winter. He loves wide-open spaces and human contact, which naturally led him to his passion for local culture and attachment to the local people.

Jorris finds it revitalising being in the town but still very close to nature and this also provides him with a positive energy. He knows the Monts de Genève like the back of his hand. He explores the area by bike. This is his way, a more original way, to discover the destination’s treasures. Jorris loves this region and is passionate about passing on his values.



He started off with a qualification as a community worker, and climbed the ladder little by little. He was director of the MJC (youth centre), then director of a centre providing help for addicts, before naturally turning to the joint management of the Federation of youth centres in the Rhône-Alpes. His selfless and empathic nature helps him to really flourish in his role as Director of the Ferme de Chosal (ESAT, establishment employing people with learning disabilities) today. He strives to develop the ‘power to act’, and this is what led him to this role where he can help others flourish. Since 2021, he has been working on developing activities in this field. His establishment is open to the public to come and pick their own fruit and vegetables, enjoy the educational farm and artistic-themed walks.  This establishment also helps people with difficulties to enter the world of work.

He describes his day-to-day profession using the hashtags #happytowork, #lovemyjob and #theplacetobe. He would like to help other people develop themselves, acquire new skills and then pass this knowledge on. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes and use these mistakes to grow, professionally. In an atmosphere focused on helping others and the environment, everyone can discover their potential through the ‘power to act’. He would like to make as many people as possible aware of this, to create a new perspective of the world of disability, and also of the way we consume on a daily basis.

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