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Frédérique BerraBowling de l'Aérodrome

Frédérique Berra

Managing Director

Everyone loves a game of bowling. But what lies beyond the lanes, pins and strikes that we see? Frédérique Berra takes us behind the scenes of Bowling de l’Aérodrome and shares with us the story of this family-run bowling alley, which she co-manages with her brother.

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“Staying on course despite the obstacles by enjoying good times together. ”

Frédérique Berra, Bowling de l’Aérodrome
Frédérique Berra


Frédérique Berra hails from Annemasse, and from a family of local entrepreneurs and shopkeepers who always had one project or other on the go. With business in her blood, it was inevitable that she herself would grow up to become the independent, highly driven, ambitious woman she is today.

From a very early age, Frédérique had had one burning desire: to travel the world. A desire that stemmed from her grandfather, who had been a colonel in the air force. And a dream that she made come true by studying tourism in Grenoble, followed by a great deal of travelling and a career in the tourism industry. Sometimes, though, life takes an unexpected turn, and after 12 years as a tourism professional, Frédérique found herself embarking on a major career change.

A change that presented a great opportunity. 30 years previously, Frédérique’s uncle had wanted to build a bowling alley, but his project never saw the light of day. In 2000, however, the Berra family purchased a building in Ville-la-Grand to convert into a bowling alley – the first of its kind in the Annemasse area – in honour of this uncle. It was an enormous undertaking. And so Frédérique came in on the family project, followed closely by her brother Patrick. It is now 18 years since the two Berra children successfully brought the bowling alley project to life and have been running Bowling de l’Aérodrome.

Frédérique Berra


Frédérique is currently Managing Director of Bowling de l’Aérodrome. Her job involves managing all the financial, administrative, legal and logistical aspects of the business. Skills she has acquired over her years working in the bowling alley. As Bowling de l’Aérodrome is open during the day and at night, the teams start their day at 2 p.m. or 4:30 p.m., ready and waiting to welcome the first customers, depending on how busy they are and the time of year. Her brother and business partner Patrick works out front with the staff. For the Berra siblings, it is hard work, but also their life’s work and work they love, with a firm commitment to treating their staff well and passing on their passion for their work to young people through training and apprenticeships. For Frédérique, Bowling de l’Aérodrome is a family affair that she hopes will continue to be a popular destination in Annemasse and Ville-la-Grand as the business is passed down the generations over the decades to come. With this desire to safeguard the bowling alley’s future in mind, Frédérique and Patrick are constantly improving the business and have some exciting plans in the pipeline for the coming years, including the installation of new, state-of-the-art, sustainable equipment and technology.

Frédérique enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience of running a leisure facility in the heart of the Monts de Genève with other businesses that, like Bowling de l’Aérodrome, also contribute to the region’s economy through their leisure and entertainment offerings for locals and tourists alike. As a key player in tourism development, Frédérique enjoys discovering what the region has to offer, not only in terms of her work, but for her free time, too.

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