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Frédéric Tovany


Theatre is in his genes! Immerse yourself in the world of Frédéric Tovany, the director of ‘Château Rouge’, that legendary performing arts venue in Annemasse and the artistic hub of the Haute-Savoie and Geneva region.
When a passion turns into a job, it’s time to take notice as it will be quite a show!

Frédéric TovanyFrédéric Tovany
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“The art of performance is not only reserved for an intellectual elite or a group of regulars; everyone can of course come and experience the excitement.”

Frédéric Tovany
Frédéric Tovany

A passionate fan of the performing arts

Frédéric Tovany has been immersed in theatre throughout his life. “It’s all I have,” he tells us. With a background in the performing arts and sociology, he took on the direction of his first theatre in 1999 when he was just 27. Thirteen years later, he accepted the direction of the Château Rouge in Annemasse out a sense of curiosity and a desire for change.

It was a new professional venture which involved moving to a region he knew nothing about. As far as he’s concerned, his work is both a profession and a passion. “You don’t always get the chance to do what you love, and you don’t run a theatre if you don’t love theatre.” What keeps him going? Making performing arts accessible to all! When you’re the director of Château Rouge, no two days are the same.

The cultural scene

Château Rouge

However, Frédéric Tovany does have some routine. An important part of his job is to attend all kinds of shows 4 to 5 nights a week! He attends almost all the shows organised in the Annemasse theatre, and also travels a lot throughout France and Europe to find out which ones could be performed in his theatre. He sees 160 different shows a year!

Château Rouge had work carried out on it between November 2018 and July 2021, and opened again in September 2021. The large auditorium, which is the building’s main stage, was completely demolished and rebuilt from scratch. Its larger stage means that it has one of the largest in the Annemasse and Geneva region, along with the Geneva Opera!

Its 23 employees were retained despite the pandemic, and Frédéric Tovany makes a point of showing his support for performers. The aim is to look ahead to the coming seasons. Château Rouge reopened in September 2021 and the new auditorium was inaugurated. It will help to increase the value of the theatre and its influence in the region!

Throughout the summer, you can also enjoy the Musical’été in Annemasse from July to August. Its programme has been designed by Château Rouge!

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