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Ready to dive into a world where neuroscience is combined with fun, discussions, sharing and helping one another?
Come and find out about Fabien Robineau and his unique course where you can learn about the surprising world of the brain!

Fabien Robineau, CortexWorldFabien Robineau, CortexWorld
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“Remember that you are the creators of happiness.”

Fabien Robineau
Fabien Robineau

His background

Fabien Robineau grew up between Saint-Étienne and Lyon. He studied in Grenoble, Chambéry and Annecy, and in so doing gradually moved closer to the Monts de Genève region. After completing his degree, he worked as a researcher in neuroscience for several years. He has always had an inner drive to take on new challenges, manage teams and pass on his knowledge.

A few years later, he left the neuroscience research laboratory (at Grenoble University) to open his own games centre in Annemasse. Cortex World has become his new playground. Here, you can find a traditional escape game (CorteXscape), a virtual reality escape game (Cortex Virtual) and training for businesses (Cortex Agency).


at CortexWorld

As a mountain, climbing, surfing and cross-country skiing enthusiast, this change of location has been the perfect opportunity to indulge in his favourite activities. He also loves music and plays the guitar. It’s a passion which drives him and which finally led him to co-create his own rock band called Passport.

With the aim of using neuroscience, he offers fun and creative activities to stimulate the brain. Using his experience, he also aims to make people aware that we do not yet know all the cognitive abilities our brains have and that not all our decisions, like in an escape game, are rational.

Today, Fabien is a key figure in the Monts de Genève. He uses his scientific knowledge to intellectualise games where the brain is put to the test. Developing cognitive skills, having fun, cooperating, creating and communicating are all things Fabien wants to achieve through his work.

Fabien Robineau is a creator at heart and is busy developing brand new projects in the field of neuroscience which will soon be launched! His goal remains the same every day – to give players a sense of happiness.
Always seeking to bring new and stronger emotions to the fore, Fabien will make your brain your best asset!

What if you were...
Monts de Genève

‘Le Salève’

A place

Canyon Land in United States

A dish


An activity

Freefall & playing in a rock band

A perfect day

A coffee in the sunshine looking out over the mountains, followed by a hike in the mountains. A lunchtime picnic enjoying a stunning view, followed by an afternoon of family games and an evening with friends.

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A song

Little bit of Love
Tom Grennan

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