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Alexandra Debas

Ambassador for Savoie Mont-Blanc and Partir Ici guide

Great fan of the region and a globetrotter at heart, photographer, nature lover and outdoor sports fanatic.
There are no limits in the life of this local resident of Sappey. This is Alexandra Debas.


“I am so lucky to live in this region. We can easily feel as though we’re on holiday even though we’re really close to home. ”

Alexandra Debas


Alexandra Debas is originally from Chambéry and so is Savoyard born and bred. She came to Haute-Savoie in 2009 when she was studying to become a nurse. Since then, she’s never strayed far from the Monts de Genève. After Annemasse and Collonges-sous-Salève, she now lives in Sappey, a hilltop town in Salève.
She’s passionate about the mountains and the great outdoors and so has found the perfect playground in Salève. She can go hiking in the summer, snowshoeing or skiing in winter. Nature is her ultimate release. Alexandra has almost 10,000 followers on Instagram and through her photos and so much more she reveals the region’s beautiful sights and really inspires her followers (and others!) in helping them make some surprising, original discoveries. Thanks to the photos and adventures she shares, she is now one of the key ambassadors for the Monts de Genève destination. She revealed to us that her passion for the mountains and the outdoors came from her father. He passed on his adventurous spirit and interest for sports activities.

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Since she was a child, she’s also showed an interest in photography. First of all, to capture the moment and share memories, and now to break down clichés about Haute-Savoie. She’s always ready to learn and try out new, original activities and so thanks to her photos she was contacted by the Savoie Mont-Blanc agency to present the local area as a Partir Ici guide for Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Tourisme and create content for them.

Today, working with Savoie-Mont-Blanc, she often meets people who share her passion. But her Instagram account is not just used to highlight the wonders of nature. This micro-influencer also uses her account to pass on important messages such as respecting nature and protecting the environment which, for her go hand-in-hand with outdoor activities. Alexandra is currently going through a professional transition and is looking to really make the most of her passions. She’s changing paths and we wish her all the best!

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