Escapade in the Pays de Cruseilles

Halfway between Annecy and Geneva, the source of the river is right in the middle of the Bornes plateau at an elevation of 950 m. The waters of the Usses flow peacefully from Arbusigny to Seyssel, before then flowing into the Rhône.

Follow the course of the river on a day out to explore the Pays de Cruseilles!


“Iconic place in the region, bridge straddling the gorges. A historic site once renowned for its thermal waters with a breathtaking view of the Aravis mountains. Bistro and open-air theatre. ”

Review of the Pont de la Caille from Paul Sajous, March 2023.

A walk through the countryside, picnic at the farm and visit an iconic monument. Set off on an adventure and explore the must-sees and atypical places in this little-known destination along the water’s edge.


From Copponex at the heart of this peaceful village, follow the stream through the meadows and past farming land. Follow the markers and leave the village, heading towards Mézier. Along this windswept hillside, you’re sure to notice the orchards all around you. Look up, Usses valley stretches before you, and in the distance you’ll see the Alpine foothills. Amazing, isn’t it?
But you haven’t seen it all yet! This walk is a little over 7 km long and will then guide you along the Route des Plantations. You’ll soon understand why it was given this name. Farms and cheese dairies are never far away. In spring, summer or autumn, the scenery around you on this walk will be very different. Walk alongside the trees in bloom, listen out for the birdsong and the gentle buzzing of pollinating insects. Encourage the farmers from a distance as they are harvesting their wheat or autumn fruit. Watch the trees turning a shade of orange. Every season is spectacular here.
Carry on across the valley. From Bageoles viewpoint, you’ll catch a glimpse of the winding course of the Usses. Continue in the shade of the oak trees and cross Férande stream. Once you reach the hamlet of Châtillon, go up the grassy path across the meadows. Cross through the woods and then walk alongside the fencing to get back to Copponex.


Did the walk in the orchards whet your appetite? We understand! The good news is that you can pick up some groceries on our next step. How about stopping off at the Ferme de Chosal on the banks of the river? Up for it?
Originally, this place was a farm producing fruit, vegetables and flowers for local consumption. Over the past years, new activities and experiences have been created here: donkey walks, accommodation in atypical cabins, discovery nature trails, art or farm animal trails, and so much more. And since 2012, you can also buy vegetables directly from the farm, as well as all sorts of local products. Organic bread, pâté, honey, compote, chocolate, herbal teas, choose your products and make up your own picnic hamper of local produce. Then there’s only one thing left to do: make yourselves comfortable! Recharge your batteries with the farm animals. Enjoy the peace and quiet of this wonderful place. Definitely worth the detour!


It’s time to head to our final destination on our journey along the Usses: the Pont de la Caille! Standing at over a hundred metres up above the gorges, there’s an incredible view of the mountains from the bridge. It was built in 1839 and is an incredible technical feat for that era.
Just imagine, before the bridge was built, people had to go down into the gorges, cross winding ramps to get over the river and get to Annecy or Geneva. Many people would cross the Usses every day. This difficult path ended up affecting relations between the people of Annecy and Geneva. The construction of a suspended bridge was approved by King Charles-Albert, Duke of Savoie, who named the bridge after himself. It has been listed as a historic monument since 1966 and is one of Haute-Savoie’s iconic tourist sights.
The bridge is 192 m long and 147 m high so be warned if you’re afraid of heights. Look up and you’ll see the crenellated towers that look like they are marking the entrance to a medieval castle. They stand in twos facing each other on either side of the walkway and are connected by 24 suspension cables that have been fixed into the rock.
Don’t forget to enjoy the scenery all around. On one side, the gorges are in the foreground and the Vuache in the background. On the other side are the Aravis mountains with the Parmelan, Sous-Dine and the Pointe d’Andey. Look down across Usses valley. You won’t be able to see them from here but down below are the ruins of a spa resort that was once very popular with tourists.
Before leaving, follow the path up over the chasm. Admire the Pont de la Caille from a different angle from the skyview walkway. Amazing, isn’t it?

Alone, as a family or with friends, come and treat yourselves to this refreshing experience!



This price does not include a picnic.

Boucle de la Férande (La Férande loop trail)

All year round. Accessible outside of snowy periods and dependent on weather conditions.

Ferme de Chosal – Eco-boutique

From mid-November to mid-April, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 noon and from 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm.
From mid-April to mid-November, every day from 9 am to 7 pm.

Pont de la Caille

All year round, open every day. During the building work on and around the Pont de la Caille, the Pont Charles Albert is not accessible.

While you are walking through the orchards, do not pick the farmers’ fruit.