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Ladies’ Day

On this girls’ day out, devoted to relaxation, modern art and culinary treats, give in to the charm of the creative world of Annemasse and its cultural gems. Programme: ‘introduction to coffee’ workshop, gourmet brunch, tasting session, jewellery workshop and modern art exhibition.

Your day starts in Mâa, an original, quirky coffee shop full of surprises, where you will learn the finer points of coffee and enjoy a delicious brunch.

Brunch gourmandBrunch gourmandBrunch gourmand© Casanisa

Gourmet break

Gourmet brunch at Mâa

40 minutes’ from Chamonix. 20 minutes’ from Annecy and 10 minutes’ from Geneva, Mâa is an unmissable part of your day in the heart of Monts de Genève. This unique location is perfect for sharing a moment with your friends.

To get your mouth watering, Jérôme will play a few games with you to share his passion for coffee. Your coffee breaks will never be the same again!

Afterwards, you can tuck into a gourmet brunch in a unique setting rich with fascinating discoveries, where you can properly let your hair down.

Cultural break

Modern Art Exhibition at the Villa du Parc Museum

Continue your tour of interesting, convivial locations at the Villa du Parc Museum, where you can see the modern art exhibition “Elle disait bonjour aux machines”, put on by It’s Our Playground in collaboration with Owen Piper and Christopher Scarpa, and with the participation of Brigitte Bardolle, Benoît Villemont, Léa Nugue and Romane Clavel.

The Villa, located in the heart of Montessuit Park in Annemasse, offers a dedicated perspective on modern art. “Elle disait bonjour aux machines” is the final exhibition in the 2018-2019 season entitled “White Mirror” and devoted to the impact of the digital era.
Open until 28 September 2019, these new works and installations evoke the emotional contacts and mutual learning between people and machines at various stages of life.

Creativity in the spotlight

Tasting session and jewellery workshop at the “Les bonheurs de la table” store

End your day of discovery in style as you give your creativity free rein with Laila from the Oh Plaisir workshop. Earrings, bracelets, pendants…learn the basics of creating your own fantasy jewellery.

Pascale and Amélie will wow your taste buds throughout the workshop with their excellent products!

Deux dates…

Samedi 29 juin de 11h à 18h30

Samedi 14 septembre de 11h à 18h30



60 € par personne (groupes de 5 à 8 personnes).