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Get back to nature

Chosal farm is a unique place. It’s a subtle mix of nature, culture and people.
Several acres await you in the heart of the countryside where you can enjoy a unique experience combining art and nature. Learn how to rediscover simple pleasures and feel fully rejuvenated in the peaceful surroundings of this estate.

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“A magical weekend! One of the warmest welcomes, well looked-after animals, great cabins and a wonderful setting. We’ll be back!”

Comment by Eloïse Zbinden

Take the time to stop and admire the results of the labours of a team of united and committed professionals, parents and friends growing plants, flowers and vegetables. Don’t forget, there are works of art too!
Shall we show you around?

#Responsible farming

Chosal farm has greenhouses whose purpose is not to grow vegetables and flowers in quantity – far from it. This farm’s watchword is sustainable development!
It’s a farm which practises protective methods. This involves saving drinking water, reusing plastic pots, composting and even recycling wood.
It’s great, isn’t it? Cultivating the land and protecting it at the same time!
However, we’re not telling you about this for no reason. If you have green fingers (or not) and are looking for flowers to decorate your lounge, some cooking ingredients or plants to add to your vegetable plot, then Chosal farm is the perfect place for you.
The farm has a wide range of flowers, plants, herbs and seasonal vegetables on offer.
You’ll be spoilt for choice!

#Nature and meaning

Mother earth, that spiritual power of nature, provides for our needs and feeds us, and allows both fauna and flora to flourish alike.
Far from the hustle and bustle of city centre life, Chosal farm offers the chance for a return to nature in its simplest form. Surrounded by content animals, flower growing and the forest, come and enjoy its green spaces and recharge your batteries.
The farm even offers a barefoot trail for a unique sensory experience.
Feel the ground under your feet, let your body connect with the earth and really get back to nature! Wander through the estate and enjoy some relaxation time.
If you’re an animal lover, why not enjoy a walk with a donkey? Pack your bag, prepare a picnic and off you go! Donkeys are great walking companions and will accompany you at their easy pace around the paths in Chosal!
Watch out, because where nature flourishes, a kind of artistry takes place…

#Art and culture

It’s not just the earth which can be cultivated – the mind can be too! This is understood perfectly at Chosal farm.
This Land Art Départemental hub has a motto, which is culture for all. Many artists in residence come here and leave their mark in their own way. But how do they do it, you ask? We’re not going to tell you everything. Come and find out for yourself with an art and nature trail!
Both young and old alike can stroll along the paths at Chosal and become immersed in its world. The works are the result of reflecting on the relationship between man and nature! Remember that the watchword here is sustainable development.


However, that’s not all!
Chosal farm is a farm unlike others. All the things which amazed you during your visit are the result of people working collaboratively, from the care of animals, plants and crops to the art and nature trail.
Chosal farm promotes the employment of people with disabilities through the recognition and development of their potential and skills.
Respecting the earth and helping our fellow man is the philosophy for life which is at the centre of Chosal.

It’s about returning to basics in order to rediscover the pleasures of nature while having fun!




Price includes the ‘Nature & Sens’ and ‘Sens & Découvertes’ trails, as well as 1 hour walking with a donkey.

The farm is accessible to all

The trail is accessible from the Easter holidays to the last day of the All Saints’ holiday (in the autumn).

Opening times

10.00 am to 4.30 pm (last entrance). Please note the farm closes at 6.00 pm.

Please note

  • The ‘Nature & Sens’trail: the barefoot trail. The path is 900 metres long. There are over 50 suggestions and tests to enjoy! Give yourself time to experience and talk about it, allow between 1 hour 30 mins and 2 hours to finish the walk – or longer if you love the outdoors and are curious.
  • The ‘Sens & Découverte’ trail: see and get close to the farm animals.

Bring your own bags or boxes to collect your orders.
Respect the animals and do not feed them.
Alcohol is not allowed across the whole site.

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