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Gathering walk at Le Refuge des Gourmets

Hubert Chanove, a Michelin-starred chef will take you with him for a morning’s walk in the forest.
Some time spent with the chef finding out about the herbs and wildflowers he uses in his dishes is on the agenda, as well as a trip into the Voirons, before returning to Le Refuge des Gourmets for a meal prepared by the chef himself.

Balade Cueillette Refuge Des Gourmets Image Titre

“My cuisine is second nature!”

Hubert Chanove, the Michelin-starred chef at Le Refuge des Gourmets

The Monts de Genève are full of plants and flowers with a variety of tastes and aromas. We’re not telling you anything new as you’re used to smelling their fragrances. However, have you ever tasted them?
Explore these flavours and let them delight your palate as you dive into the world of Hubert Chanove!


Wild flora in the mountains and pastures can be seen everywhere in the Monts de Genève. You can easily find wild edible plants along the way.
But take care! Don’t pick the first plant you see and eat it; you might regret it…
However, you’re in the right place if you’re interested in modern cuisine or are simply just curious.
Chef Hubert Chanove is offering to take you on a morning’s walk so that you can find out about his world.
A connoisseur of local plants, he will take you into the Voirons mountains for an introduction to gathering.


Cuisine is a sociable art, and, just like all chefs, Hubert Chanove likes to share his knowledge.
Keep your eyes and ears open as in his company every plant you gather will have a story or anecdote.
Have a question on your mind? The chef is there to answer it. He will share all his skills and knowledge with you.
Were you too busy looking at your surroundings and forgot to say anything? Don’t worry because after the walk and cookery workshop, you’ll be invited to enjoy an aperitif and a tasting of the ‘Discovery’ menu. The expression ‘the greater the effort, the sweeter the reward’ will take on its full meaning!
Who knows, maybe the conversation will spark a passion for cooking in you!


Using a daring mix of contemporary and traditional cuisine, chef Hubert Chanove has developed his cooking style around the balance of plants available in the Monts de Genève. He has set himself apart with the amazing mastery of floral flavours in his dishes. Yes – you did read that correctly – herbs and wildflowers!
Expect to smell the sweet scent of flowers and let your taste buds be overwhelmed as each bite will be a real bouquet of flavours (it really will be covered in flowers).
The chef and his team are keen to introduce you to the world of flowers – to the delight of your taste buds!

A plant-based, gourmet menu is what’s in store for you at Le Refuge des Gourmets!




(Walk – meal and drinks included)

April through July

The 2023 program will be available on March 2023.

The agenda:

  • 9.00 am – Participants are welcomed with a coffee and then the group set off for the gathering walk in the Voirons.
  • 11.30 am – Return to Le Refuge des Gourmets to prepare the herbs which have been gathered and the dishes.
  • Midday – An aperitif with the chef, followed by a meal prepared by him.

Depending on the weather, participants may walk to Le Foron or share cars to the Voirons mountains.

Remember to wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear for the walk.

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