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Fly over Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Savoie!

Calling all thrill-seekers! Have you always dreamed of taking flight?

Take the opportunity during your stay in Monts de Genève to try this unique experience in breathtaking surroundings, with the Jura mountains on one side and the Mont Blanc range on the other.

Aérodrome AnnemaseAérodrome Annemase
©Aérodrome Annemase|Aérodrome Annemase

Just outside Geneva and between the Salève (1375 metres) and Les Voirons (1480 metres) mountains, the Annemasse Flying Club lets visitors experience the pleasures of flying for the first time on board a red and white Robin, a single-engined four-seater tourist plane.

You will be greeted at Annemasse aerodrome by your pilot, who will welcome you aboard. He will give you the details of the flight you are about to take and, if you are interested, of course, will tell you how the craft works.

You will then climb aboard for your first flight, by yourself, with your family or with friends. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take-off! As you gain altitude, you can admire the spectacular landscapes that open up all around you. Live this magical moment to the full!

Glide over the gorgeous Lake Geneva. From the sky, you can get a true idea of the sheer size of the largest Alpine lake in Central and Eastern Europe. Its crystal-clear waters, bordered by majestic mountains, shimmer between deep blue and tropical turquoise. Drink in the extraordinary panorama of the Vallée Verte valley, with the River Menoge running through it.

Don’t forget to take your camera on this unforgettable flight and this incredible day!

For an adrenaline rush or to give someone the perfect gift for exploring the region, allow €65 for 15 minutes’ flight or €130 for 30 minutes’. Flights are limited to 3 passengers. Getting a “diploma” for your experience with the Annemasse Flying Club is the cherry on the cake.