Dive into a bubble of wellnessChill out

Enjoy a wellness break at UCPA Vitam

Embark on a relaxing and invigorating wellness break on your own, with your partner, or with friends. The 1,100m² UCPA Vitam spa is a subtle combination of saunas, steam rooms, balneotherapy and massages for emotional wellness and a perfectly relaxed body.
The hardest part will be choosing! Ready for the bubble?


“It’s the best! I only paid for entrance to the spa. Practical access, huge and free parking, the clean premises, the staff that ensures total silence, excellent facilities and equipment – the centre is just what the ads promise! I’ll be back. ”

Aurore M., 16 May 2019

The increasingly hectic pace of life means stress and fatigue accumulate easily.
Try the UCPA Vitam Centre for a relaxing break. Let go, clear your mind, and explore aquatic spaces entirely dedicated to relaxation. Float away!


Switch off. Throw a towel over your shoulder. And leave your phone behind! It’s time to completely disconnect from the outside world and release the pressure.
Pamper yourself for a day with wellness treatments at our Wellness Spa. Rest and relax for the day. Wind down and breathe naturally. Fancy a Turkish, Roman or Irish bath? We offer ancestral thermal techniques for your wellness.


If you feel like an aquatic adventure, UCPA Vitam is the place to be!
Thrill seekers looking for sensations can hit the slides. With five indoors and four outdoors, there’s fun for everyone. Let your inner child out – slide, laugh and feel free.
Prefer a swim? Head for the balneo pool. 500m² of water heated to 33°C all year round. Whirlpool baths, bubble beds, water jets and a current river are perfect for relaxing in the water.
Not far, just by the balneo pool, is an exotic lagoon with turquoise water.

#Sweet treats

Smiling, with relaxed muscles and a light body. Why not finish the day with a gourmet treat after an afternoon of relaxation?
Water has a way of making us famished. You can hear your stomach growling already. Delight your taste buds at the Maison Savoure restaurant!
Too early for a meal? Try the delicious pastries at the tea room open all day for your enjoyment.
Want more than a sweet treat? Be tempted by a cocktail! The cocktail bar, open all day, mixes flavours, colours and perfumes with delicious homemade recipes.
Also enjoy the shady terrace with a breathtaking view of the Jura Mountains after a relaxing day.

Wind down at UCPA Vitam and enjoy complete relaxation in a amazing aquatic universe.




Preferential Monts de Genève tariff includes three hours of access to the Wellness Spa area.

Bubbles all year round

UCPA Vitam is open all year round!


10am to 9pm


10am to 8pm

Towels not provided. BYO towel.
Access to wellness area for age 16 minimum.
To ensure a completely relaxing experience for all, telephones are not allowed and silence is required.

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