Sortie VTT électrique sous la neigeSortie VTT électrique sous la neige
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Electric mountain bike trip across the snow

The Monts de Genève are far from the crowds, yet accessible in under one hour. They have a lot to offer in the winter, starting with 360° panoramic views!
Let’s not also forget the places where you can enjoy the snow with or without skis!

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“I had the opportunity to try out a new activity with my friends – electric mountain biking on snow. I was able to try out some exciting new experiences in complete safety during this activity which was offered and supervised by the Bureau de la Montagne du Salève. The guide really accommodated our requirements with different routes. ”

Christel, from the Monts de Genève team

Come and try out electric mountain biking on snow! With electric assistance and tyres adapted to the terrain, enjoy a ride on the ridges of Le Salève accompanied by Ludovic. After all that effort comes the comfort – you won’t say no to a delicious ‘fondue moitié-moitié’ with friends!

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Looking for an activity during your trip away with friends this winter? We have just the thing! And, as we know it’s hard to choose, this experience is both fun, sporty and sociable.
Try out electric mountain biking this winter!
Ludovic, an experienced instructor from the Bureau de la Montagne, will accompany you as soon as the first snow falls. Get on your bike! You’ll be able to ride across all types of terrain thanks to the thick tyres and electric assistance.
Head for Le Salève, far from the crowds at the Alpine ski resorts, and experience new thrills and excitement on the snow!
Head off for the slopes on the eastern side from the La Croisette cross-country ski centre. You will ride towards ‘Treize Arbres’ before returning via the ridge paths.


Once you’re up on the ridge, don’t forget to look up. As you know, one of the best rewards to be enjoyed in the mountains is the scenery. And in winter, the landscape is very different to other times of year. In the heart of winter, the snow, whether it’s fresh, firm or powdery, covers the mountains.
Take your time and soak up the soft daylight at this time of year. The trees are sprinkled with snow and sounds are dampened. The only sound you’ll hear is the crunch of your electric mountain bike’s tyres on the ground.
Stop for a while and take in the 360° panoramic views of Les Bauges to the Swiss Alps, including the Jura mountains and looking down over Geneva and Lake Geneva.
It’s time to get going again. The time has come to leave as a second reward is now waiting for you.


Mountains mean cheese, of course!
It’s impossible to miss the famous ‘fondue moitié-moitié’.
A must for an evening out with friends, this dish is made using two iconic Swiss cheeses. Vacherin Fribourgeois and Swiss Gruyère both have a strong taste. They create the combination which guarantees a successful and ultra-tasty fondue. Cheese lovers, you’re in for a treat!
Feeling hungry? Head off to Les Marches de la Croisette. This traditional Savoie bistro knows how to give you a proper welcome. The key words here are ‘local’ and ‘home-made’. Quite a promise!
Has the fondue appeared in the middle of the table? Now, it’s over to you! Armed with your fondue fork, dip your piece of bread in the creamy cheese and enjoy! Repeat until the pot is completely empty. Watch out for the forfeit if you drop your piece of bread in the fondue!




Based on a group of 5 to 8 people.

From December to March.

Meet at La Croisette cross-country ski centre.
Experience suitable for people over the age of 14.
Equipment provided: Electric mountain bike and helmet supplied, please wear clothing suitable for the activity.

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