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Drinks and quiz night

Fed up of the dark mornings and dark nights? There’s no doubt about it: What you need in your life is a dash of vibrancy and a dollop of fun in your evenings!


“A super fun game! I’ll definitely be back to play again! We laughed so much. And I came second – hurray! I love a good contest. Especially when I win 😅 ! ”

Emmanuelle H, 17 April 2023

The days have never been so short, yet have never seemed so long! The gloomy weather and daily grind are taking their toll on you. This autumn, discover our favourite places to add a little sunshine to your everyday.


Always fancied yourself on a game show? Then CortexQuiz will be right up your street! The concept? Take your place behind a buzzer and compete against your friends, family or colleagues, in 8 consecutive rounds. Feeling a little nervous? It’s only to be expected in a TV studio that looks just like the real thing, with all the bells and whistles of a real TV quiz show! Wish you’d swotted up on your general knowledge? Don’t worry: You don’t need to be top of the class in this quiz, where everyone’s in with a chance to win, because it’s not just about what you know, but also about common sense, observation skills, speed and memory. Once you’re settled behind your buzzers, choose a theme: blind test, cinema, sport, video games, history, science, TV series, society, literature, cartoons… There are a wealth of different themes to choose from. Next up, get ready to buzz and meet Mr Quizy! Because every good quiz show needs a good star host! And My Quizy, a virtual presenter on a giant 3-metre screen, will join you as your host throughout the hour-long game. You can count on him for a great show full of fun and laughter!


After working those brain cells, it’s time to reward yourself: with a delicious cocktail. Looking for some escapism in an exotic setting? Animal Lodge Bar is the perfect refuge from the cold and gloom. Animal print, shades of yellow, ochre and brown and an exquisite combination of materials such as leather, wood and bamboo… The décor has been carefully crafted to transport you to the world of cult film “Out of Africa”. Animal Lodge Bar owners Nelly and Bruno Ligeard have cherry-picked a combination of travel souvenirs, books and works of art to create a bar that conjures up a whole world of adventure. Curious to see inside? Then come on in! Step inside and be transported to an exotic paradise. Have you noticed? The bar is designed to look like a row of leather trunks. Isn’t that great?! And now it’s time for what you’ve been waiting for, for what is long overdue: Take a seat at the bar or at one of the tables and take up the invitation to get away from it all!


A quick glance at the menu and you’ll be in doubt that your taste buds are also in for an exotic treat this evening. Nelly and Bruno have selected spirits, beers and wines from all over the world. They’ve even come up with a range of cocktails to add to the escapism vibe.
Do you prefer passion fruit, lychee or ginger in your cocktail? Or perhaps you’d like something a little stronger? Then check out the spirits on the menu from other parts of the world. Enjoy an exceptional whisky or fine rum, Patron Silver Tequila from Mexico or Stolinchnaya Vodka from Russia. It won’t be an easy choice, that’s for sure! Wine lovers are also amply catered for. Argentina, Chile, Italy… Will you plump for a sun-drenched red wine from South Africa or an aromatic white wine from Spain or perhaps further afield? And if that weren’t enough, why not order a sharing platter of traditional or exotic tapas? The perfect accompaniment, whatever your tipple of choice.
The setting, the drinks, the food, the vibe: everything you need for an escape to the exotic. Switch off, kick back and leave the daily grind far behind.

* Alcohol can damage your health. Please drink responsibly.


39 €


Based on a group of 10 people or more. Price includes: activity, cocktail and tapas.

All year round

Animal Lodge Bar
Tuesday to Saturday, 5:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Open every day.

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