The Village of Father ChristmasWith your family
© Maison du Père Noël en Haute-Savoie | F. Lascari

Discover the enchanted Village of Father Christmas

With your family

Holidays in Monts de Genève are a wealth of thrilling adventures and experiences for all the family. In Saint-Blaise, between Annecy and Geneva, Father Christmas and his merry band of elves will be delighted to welcome young and old to their amazing land: The Little Country. Don’t miss this incredible visit under any circumstances!

Cuisine de la maison du Père Noël en Haute-SavoieCuisine de la maison du Père Noël en Haute-Savoie
©Cuisine de la maison du Père Noël en Haute-Savoie|Fransesco

Set off and discover an enchanted world filled with magic and childhood dreams. A world inhabited by fantastic, mythical creatures, elves, knights, fairies and wizards.

The eyes of your little angels, tots, good (and not so good) children will sparkle at the magical world of Father Christmas’ Village, an abode of 800 m² where Father Christmas, Mother Christmas, Père Fouettard and all the elves live.

With your family

An incredible visit with plenty to see all year round!

Enter the heart of Father Christmas’ Village, see where he lives and works and explore his bedrooms, his kitchen, his toy workshop, his gardens and his famous sleigh and reindeer. At Father Christmas’ Post House, children can send off their wish list and get a reply from Father Christmas himself!

Mother Christmas and the Christmas Sisters will also show you around their carefully decorated cottage. Make yourself comfortable in this welcoming cottage and listen to some beautiful stories, once every 30 minutes or so. At Mother Christmas’ Tea Room, you can enjoy some delicious pancakes with your favourite hot drink.

The more daring amongst you might venture into the abode of Père Fouettard, the French figure who comes for naughty children at Christmas! Make sure you behave yourself, because any cheeky devils will get a taste of his whip. Watch out, kids: he’ll try to trick you by offering you mustard, coal, potatoes or onions!

Discover the attic and its exhibition of tens of thousands of “dummies” that children have donated to Father Christmas to support the association “Pour un sourire d’Enfant”. Every dummy bravely donated finances one meal for a Cambodian child in need working in the landfill in Phnom Penh. This gesture of solidarity comes straight from the heart and is a generous gift that the children will not forget in a hurry.