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Bring out the Viking in you

All work and no play? Not this time! No, this evening is for a little me-time. In the company of your friends, you’re about to try an unusual activity and taste some craft beers too. Up for it?


“A super activity to enjoy with friends or colleagues. Axe-throwing must have some sort of therapeutic properties because it really helps you unwind! It’s not as difficult as we first thought and in the end we quickly got the hang of it! Clear explanations and very pleasant staff. We’ll look forward to coming back!”

Veyane B., on 24 August 2019

You’ve reached the end of your working day. It’s time to switch off your computer and go and de-stress. You’ve planned an evening with friends. The ideal way to forget the day’s complications and the clients’ demands.


Feeling stressed? Having very busy days at the moment? We’ve found just the activity to help you unwind and get rid of all the stress and anxiety. Axe-throwing! Amazing, no? Believe it or not, this activity is perfect for letting off steam. And besides, who has never secretly dreamt of spending an evening playing at Vikings?!
The principle is straightforward, you’ll see. Armed with an axe, you’ll take aim, then throw. The aim is to hit the target made from a slice of tree trunk. You may not succeed on your first throw. No worries, the instructors are there to offer advice and help you improve your axe-throwing technique. One thing’s for sure: after 45 minutes you’ll have a lot less on your mind!

#Be Here Together

Axe-throwing is great, but it does make you thirsty! Step inside Be Here Together to discover a chic and colourful world. Opposite the door, you can see the brewing room behind the glass. That’s right, they make craft beer* here. Before ordering, there’s something you should know. At Be Here Together, your beer is identified by two scales from 0 to 100. The names of the beers are based on two indications: their colour and their level of bitterness. The colour depends on the blend of malts and their degree of roasting, which results in beers that are pale, amber-coloured or dark and with very different aromas. The bitterness, which can be determined accurately, depends on the choice and combinations of hops, but also on individual perception. So give it a try, sample the beers and take your pick to add your own criteria. Create your own tasting experience, for an adventure in line with your preferences!


At this warm and cosy feel-good venue, place your order and pick your spot – the sofa, an armchair or around a huge table.
There’s nothing like an evening with friends or colleagues to forget the stress and pressure. An unusual activity, laughter and shared moments make the ideal mix for a perfect evening. So fill those gauges with a sense of wellbeing and self-esteem, and you’ll feel less burdened by the end of the evening.
Before you leave, don’t forget to pop into the shop. Because you can even take your favourite beers home with you. It’d be a shame not to, so go on, treat yourself!

* Alcohol can damage your health. Please drink responsibly.


57 €


Based on a maximum of 3 people per target.

All year round.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 6.30pm to 11.15pm and Saturday 2.30pm to 11.15pm.

Be Here Together
Tuesday & Wednesday 10am to 9pm, Thursday & Friday 10am to 11pm and Saturday 10am to 12 noon and 3pm to 11pm.

3 people maximum per track for 45 min. Activity reserved for 18+ only.

Be Here Together
1 board of 4 Be Here Together beers to sample.