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A weekend immersed in the legends of Le Salève

In the land of stories and legends, Le Salève is said to have been created from the earth dug away to form Lake Geneva by Gargantua when he wished to satisfy his thirst. Explore this mountain with a guide from the Bureau de la Montagne du Salève. Set off for 2 days to experience a unique trip in the heart of Le Salève. Be amazed by the myths surrounding this mountain, drink in views of the Geneva basin while enjoying a great meal and rest under the treetops in cabins on Le Salève. And to round things off, explore La Maison du Salève during a game based on its legends, before enjoying a generous brunch to end this weekend of adventure.

Olivier Dunand, Bureau de la Montagne du SalèveOlivier Dunand, Bureau de la Montagne du Salève
©Olivier Dunand, Bureau de la Montagne du Salève

“The mountain at night is as bright as daylight, with the moon reflecting off the snow.”

Olivier Dunand, Bureau de la montagne du Salève

Love mountains and legends? Les Monts de Genève can offer you a truly unique experience. Quick, pack your bag!
We’ll take you on a 2-day exploration of the unexpected and mysterious side of Le Salève.


Witches, werewolves, Gargantua, Empress Sissi… Le Salève has served as a backdrop for a good number of stories and legends. Every bend in the path here can lead you to mysterious places, such as the Devil’s Cave or the fairy wood. Be sure not to stray too far from the paths…
Become entranced and learn more about what lies in the shadow of the mountains of Les Monts de Genève! Throughout the walk, Olivier Dunand, an experienced guide from the Bureau de la Montagne du Salève, will recount tales such as these. Will your imagination bring all these legends to life?
Don’t forget, however, that you’re in the countryside and in the midst of the mountain.
Remember to look up and savour the 360° panoramic views surrounding you.


It’s time to return to reality! Another kind of magic takes place here.
Keep your eyes open so you don’t miss a thing – you’ll never have had such a stunning view of the Monts de Genève.
Le Salève is also known as the ‘Balcony of Geneva’ and for good reason! You’re guaranteed an unobstructed view of the Geneva basin and Jura mountains. Don’t believe us?
Psst! Can you keep a secret? Olivier from the Bureau de la Montagne du Salève has a few ‘secret spots’ to show you! A Buddhist temple on a cliff side and the Rochers de Faverges, etc. You will even, it is said, be able to enjoy a break in a clearing with a view of Mont Blanc! Follow the guide – there’s no time to lose!


The Monts de Genève are alive and well, and they want to make you feel welcome!
Over 2 days, you’ll be immersed in the world of the Monts de Genève with people who represent the area. These include lovers of nature and the mountains, enthusiasts about the stories and legends, and producers of gourmet food. They all have one thing in common – the desire to communicate their passions to others.
Olivier Dunand will take you under his wing as soon as your boots are laced and your backpack is on! Enthused and engaging, he has so many anecdotes and stories to tell you that one walk won’t be enough to hear them all!
Once the walk is over, you’ll start to think about food. It’s time to stop off at ‘Marion et Jean­Pierre’ for a gourmet meal in timeless surroundings full of vintage furniture and with breath-taking views of the Alps. The atmosphere is warm and friendly – just like being at home!


Want to breathe in the pure forest air, fall asleep surrounded by trees and be soothed by the magic of nature? Tempting, isn’t it?
Patrick Barbezat is ready to welcome you to his cabins located right in the heart of Le Salève forest.
Breathe in deeply. Can you smell it? It’s the scent of wood filling the air.
These small log cabins look like Canadian log houses or Finnish kotas and are very charming! The cosy feeling and well-thought-out décor make them a real haven of comfort. The experience has only just begun. Put your belongings away quickly – night is falling…
Each cabin has an unobstructed view across the whole valley to the foot of Le Salève.
The calm of the night opens up to the surrounding sounds of the forest, the stars twinkle in the sky and the only thing you’ll want to do is relax and enjoy the breath-taking panoramic view. Slip on your swimming costume and head for the water! A jacuzzi on the terrace awaits, looking out across panoramic views of Geneva.
Shhhh! Don’t make a sound! Look around you. Nature is unfolding in the moonlight and the shadows of the trees dance on the ground. Perhaps you’ll even spot an animal in the distance!

Hiking in the heart of nature, intriguing anecdotes and fascinating encounters – the perfect combination for a weekend of fun and relaxation!

Ready to try the adventure?

There is a little added extra to finish off with
Feel like an actor at heart? It’s time for you to slip into someone else’s skin!
Step into the shoes of Empress Sissi, the first rock-climbers of Le Salève or Henri Albert Gosse, the pharmacist from Geneva who created Schweppes.
You and your team now have to solve some puzzles. You have to be creative to succeed at the Salève Game, but above all not be afraid of some silliness!
The aim? Reach the last square on the board first.
One thing’s for certain – you’ll laugh a lot!




7 months of adventures

The experience takes place at weekends from April to October and by reservation.

The first day

Set off at the beginning of the afternoon for a walk with Olivier Dunand, a guide at the Bureau de la Montagne du Salève.
An aperitif and dinner are provided at the L’Observatoire restaurant at the start of the evening.
At the end of the day, enjoy a night in one of the cabins on Le Salève.

The second day

A quirky visit to the Maison du Salève and taking part in the ‘Salève game’!
The weekend ends with a meal at the Le Carrousel restaurant.

An easy level hike. The duration and pace of the activity may be modified according to the weather conditions and level of the group.

We advise you to bring walking equipment for your own comfort. High-cut shoes and sports clothing, water and snacks in a rucksack and a headlamp.

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