Route touristique - Le Tour Insolite de la Mandallaz

Mountain biking, Horse-riding in Cruseilles
33.2 km
Mountain biking
33.2 km
  • Departure
  • Difference in height
    713 m
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Points of interest
1 Le Pont de la Caille - Charles Albert
A bridge dating from 1839, representing the industrial engineering know-how of the period. The bridge has been listed as a Historic Monument since 1966. It is also one of the 25 emblematic tourist sites in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.<br/>The idea of building a suspension bridge was approved in 1834 by King Charles-Albert, Duke of Savoy, who gave his name to the structure. 180m long and 147m high, the bridge is now entirely pedestrianized.

Historically, crossing the gorges of the river Usses was difficult and dangerus. From the 18th century, the introdution of a new era of the appeasement of a dispute between the Calvinist Republic of Geneva and the Catholic Duchy of Savoy revitalised the Annecy - Geneva route, requiring a definite need for a suspention bridge. Savoy was under the authority of the House of Savoy, but it was engineers from the French Ponts et Chaussée establishment of engeneering that were retained, M. Belin and M. Lehaitre. Work began on March 10, 1838 and would last 16 months.
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2 Viewpoint: Allonzier la Caille
Over a hundred meters above the gorge, this footbridge offers an incredible view of the bridge and the landscape.
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5 The Parc des Jardins de Haute-Savoie
In the heart of an area of greenery on the shores of a lake, come and explore around forty miniature gardens representing the landscapes of the Haute-Savoie foreland in original, highly floral creations.
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12 Miroir de Faille
Miroir de Faille
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13 Viewpoint: Ferrieres
Discover the Ferrières viewpoint, which offers a panoramic view of the Annécien basin.
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14 Cuvat church
Cuvat Church
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713 meters of difference in height