Route touristique - Le Salève Côté Usses

Mountain biking, Horse-riding in Cruseilles
31.4 km
Mountain biking
31.4 km
  • Departure
  • Difference in height
    794 m
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Points of interest
1 Le Pont de la Caille - Charles Albert
A bridge dating from 1839, representing the industrial engineering know-how of the period. The bridge has been listed as a Historic Monument since 1966. It is also one of the 25 emblematic tourist sites in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.<br/>The idea of building a suspension bridge was approved in 1834 by King Charles-Albert, Duke of Savoy, who gave his name to the structure. 180m long and 147m high, the bridge is now entirely pedestrianized.

Historically, crossing the gorges of the river Usses was difficult and dangerus. From the 18th century, the introdution of a new era of the appeasement of a dispute between the Calvinist Republic of Geneva and the Catholic Duchy of Savoy revitalised the Annecy - Geneva route, requiring a definite need for a suspention bridge. Savoy was under the authority of the House of Savoy, but it was engineers from the French Ponts et Chaussée establishment of engeneering that were retained, M. Belin and M. Lehaitre. Work began on March 10, 1838 and would last 16 months.
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2 Viewpoint: Allonzier la Caille
Over a hundred meters above the gorge, this footbridge offers an incredible view of the bridge and the landscape.
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4 La Ferme de Chosal
Sheltered workshop
Sale of fruit / vegetable hampers
Sale of flowers
Tour of education greenhouse, educational farm
Special events
Eco-citizen trail
Walk with donkeys
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5 La ferme de Chosal
Farm visit and discovery of food produced by Mother Nature. Horticultural and kitchen garden greenhouses. Meet donkeys and other farm animals.<br/>Mini-courses on the farm are offered for children on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the school holidays, booking required (20 € / child)

Other activities are available on request (donkey rental, Art and Nature trail, birthdays ...)
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7 Copponex church
The church in Copponex is dedicated to Saint-André, and was built on an ancient pagan temple dedicated to the huntress goddess Diana.
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8 Viewpoint "Des Beagoeles"
Above Bageoles, the path offers a lovely view of the winding course of the Usses river.
9 Saint-Symphorien church
Charming church with carved wood panels. The curacy offers exhibitions and an ornamental garden to the sound of the carillon.
10 Le Grand Parc d'Andilly
It is in the middle of a magnificent forest that you will meet the scarecrows. These strange characters stay there all summer and invite us to discover their mysterious and entertaining world.<br/>Start by discovering a multitude of these chaps who share their daily life with us. Then, in the middle of hundreds of colourful flowers, all ages can have fun and a great laugh with a life-size game of snakes and ladders. Beware - the children are champions at this game. But revenge is possible with the giant Mikado! The day continues with lots of other discoveries: the giant and his rocking horses, the maze, a musical village…
A day out in a dreamy setting...
- 8 hectares of lush, green forest with a stream ""Le Nant Trouble""
- here and there shaded clearings and ponds
- home to some one hundred animals: pigs, sheep, donkeys, goats, reindeer, geese, ducks...
Then it’s time for a show, with the owl contest or Amadeus, a musical show...
Snacks served in the tavern on-site or bring a picnic.
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11 Charly chapel - Andilly
The chapelle de Charly or chapelle Saint-Jacques is a 15th-century building. The bell tower was listed as a Monument Historique on May 12, 1975.
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12 Landscape reading table - Jussy
Viewpoint with landscape reading table from the hamlet of Jussy.
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13 Le Hameau du Père Noël
Explore the home of Father Christmas and his elves, Mother Christmas, Father Whipper and the Attic of Dummies all year round! There is lots to do in this magical world at any time of year, but the magic of Christmas is always at the heart of everything.<br/>Father Christmas has chosen to live in Savoie and has opened his home to you. Find out about his daily life by visiting his workshop, kitchen and bedroom... Places that have until now been kept secret, but which are now unveiled before your very eyes...
A bit further on you enter another world, that of his twin brother, Father Whipper! Much nicer than he seems, he will also show you his clean and tidy home.
Finally, to complete the family, one of the Mother Christmases has opened the doors to her cottage to show you a third, feminine, world of Christmas.
Finally, the latest arrival, the Sandman has arranged an Attic of Dummies for Father Christmas which is completely dedicated to this childhood object.
To complete the magic, there is a crêperie and souvenir shop.
Open all year, don’t hesitate to check the opening times and seasonal events. Father Christmas, Mother Christmas and the Sandman appear regularly to meet you and tell plenty of stories.
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15 Orientation table -Saint Blaise
The Saint-Blaise orientation table offers a panoramic view of the many surrounding mountains.
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16 Saint-Blaise church
Church of Saint-Blaise
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17 Les Avenieres Chapel
Completed in 1917, this jewel of hermeticism required three years of work and over a million tesserae made in Murano. It's a treasure trove of symbolism, blending the arcana of the Tarot with the wheel of the Zodiac.
18 Viewpoint: Les Avenières
View of the many surrounding massifs from the D341 road below the Domaine du Château des Avenières.
19 Terre Ferme
Terre Ferme
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20 Cruseilles church
The church was built in the 12th century with a great deal of participation from Cruseilliens. It was renovated in 1752 and 1833.
21 Old town of Cruseilles
The old town of Cruseilles revolves around the Place de la Halle. For centuries, this square was the vital center of the town. Here, the past can be read on the facades and the footsteps of history echo on the cobblestones.
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794 meters of difference in height