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Le VuacheThe untamed mountain


Unusually rich fauna and flora

At around 15 km from Saint-Julien-en-Genevois and Geneva, in the western part of Haute-Savoie, Vuache measures 1105 metres in height. Although smaller than Salève and Les Voirons, it nonetheless has its unique characteristics that make it appealing to hikers, tourists and the inquisitive.

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With over 170 km of marked walking trails, Vuache is a favourite spot for walking enthusiasts. It also has numerous hiking trails of varying levels of difficulty.

Vuache is therefore just as suitable for families looking for a relaxing spot for walking as it is for hardened hikers seeking to push their endurance to the limit.


In addition to its hiking possibilities, Vuache is a major ornithological destination. It forms part of the RA 14 Important Bird Area “Haute chaîne du Jura : défilé de l’Écluse, Étournel et mont Vuache”.

As a result, walkers in Vuache are liable to see remarkable birds like the peregrine falcon, the golden eagle and the Eurasian eagle-owl.

Birds of prey are common in Vuache but you can also spot less exotic birds such as the hazel grouse, in the landfowl family. Ornithologists and other bird fanatics will love the opportunity to watch and study all these magnificent birds.

A wealth of flowers

Vuache is not only a bird sanctuary; it is also host to a very large and diverse range of flowers. The botanical wealth of this mountain is well-known, with no fewer than 1000 different species.

Interested visitors strolling along the paths of Vuache will be able to observe beautiful flowers like daffodils, spring snowflakes and even dogtooth violets, which are none other than the symbol of Vuache.

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