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SalèveAn emblematic destination in Haute-Savoie


Unassuming mountain in the Alpine landscape

Salève is an emblematic destination in Haute-Savoie. Overlooking the region of Annemasse and Geneva, it offers visitors and hikers a breathtaking panoramic view.



The balcony of Geneva

With its altitude of 1379 metres, Salève attracts a large number of tourists every year, in summer and in winter, who come to admire the view from the slop of what is commonly known as the “Balcony of Geneva”.

This mountain, synonymous with the Geneva region, also draws in the curious and photographers who want to capture the beauty of the countryside, and rightly so!

Salève offers unbeatable views over the city of Geneva and its surroundings, and watching the sun rise or set from its summit is always enjoyable.


A breath of fresh air

Over and above the view it offers, Salève is highly appreciated by nature-lovers, who come here to escape the polluted air of the big city.

This modest mountain gives lovers of the open air the opportunity to indulge in a wide range of activities.

With over 250 km of marked trails, walking enthusiasts can indulge in their passion to their hearts’ content and explore the numerous hiking trails in Salève. Hikes accompanied by donkeys are also available for anyone wanting to walk with their family without having to worry about their children getting tired.

In the winter, Salève transforms and lets hikers don their snow-shoes and practise other winter sports.


A veritable playground

In addition to hiking, Salève is filled with activities for sporty people and thrillseekers.
The rocky sides of this mountain have always been a cradle for rock-climbing and is thus a superb climbing location regardless of your skill level.

Salève is also a very famous location for paragliding and boasts a wide range of paragliding-related activities, from tandem flights to advanced training courses.

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