View of the Alps from the VoironsView of the Alps from the Voirons
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Les VoironsThe authentic mountain

Les Voirons

Located a few kilometres from Annemasse and Geneva, the Voirons mountain range offers hikers the chance to explore the region’s rich religious and cultural heritage. Les Voirons boasts a very diverse range of wildlife and is a hit with nature-lovers.

The Voirons viewpoint indicatorThe Voirons viewpoint indicator
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Les Voirons

A mountain range with protected wildlife

With over 950 hectares protected by the Natura 2000 label, Voirons has a long tradition of heritage. This mountain range is also known to be an important habitat for lynxes.

Alongside the lynx, a multitude of animals call the Voirons home, such as the yellow-bellied toad and the chamois.

The Voirons mountain also bears host to a very rich flora that will delight botanists. You can find very rare specimens such as the Lady’s-slipper orchid and the Fringed pink dianthus.

Even though it is more famed for its forests than for its hiking, Les Voirons is nonetheless a perfect spot for walking.

The Voirons mountain is every bit as impressive as Salève, and is even taller, with its peak topping off at 1480 metres. Just like Salève, it features numerous marked hiking trails, including the recent trails of Le Pralère and Le Signal des Voirons.

The Voirons mountain is also crossed by the Grande Randonnée (GR) major hiking trail of Le Balcon du Léman, a path reserved for hikers with plenty of stamina.

Finally, sportier visitors can tackle the Tour des Voirons cycle tour. However, since this is classified as a red (advanced) circuit, it is not recommended for children or unprepared cyclists. It nevertheless offers some spectacular views, especially around the Saxel mountain pass.

Les Voirons


According to local folklore, the mountain gets its name from the French voir rond, or being able to see all around, since it offers an unbeatable 360° view of the surrounding area. You can admire the beauty of the Alpine countryside from this pre-Alpine mountain.

You would even be right in saying that only Les Voirons can boasts such a panoramic view over the entire Lake Geneva area, Mont Blanc, the Vallée Verte area and the Le Giffre and Les Aravis mountains.