Catering, a highlight for your corporate event!

Another incredibly rich resource of the Monts de Genève? Its tables!
Traditional, authentic, exotic, gourmet, stunning… The diversity of culinary options is as breathtaking as it is qualitative.

You are in charge of organizing a company seminar and you don’t know which type of catering you will choose. In order to decide, you will have to take into account several parameters, starting with the profile and number of participants, the location of your corporate event, but also the atmosphere you wish to create.

Meals are important moments of sharing: your collaborators will be able to exchange, extend a debate or simply get to know each other outside the strict framework of work.

Whether it is a working lunch, a buffet, a cocktail party or a dinner, our restaurants and caterers partners offer a wide range of menus that can be adapted to all budgets. Your employees will enjoy the regional gastronomy as much as the panorama!

The Monts de Genève sales department is there to meet all your needs in the organization of your events.
Aware of the importance of catering for a seminar or any other professional event, we work exclusively with select partners in order to guarantee you an optimal quality service.

Numerous restaurants and caterers in the Monts de Genève including :
– 40 gastronomic, gourmet and traditional partners.
– 2 Michelin starred restaurants.

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