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The convivialactivity

Your escape to Cortexworld

Come and enjoy a unique experience combining team spirit, deduction and observation skills.


The CorteXscape team welcomes groups to work together on themes of creativity, intelligence, team spirit and critical thinking in the form of workshops, seminars and conferences. CorteXscape’s strength lies in its ability to combine, within the same space, interventions to intellectualize concepts and an Escape Game to concretize knowledge. A total of 10 rooms are at your disposal, with classic or virtual reality Escape Games.

#Get involved

Escape with one or more of the many activities offered by CortexWorld: a virtual Escape Game, a classic Escape Game or a team Quiz session, before rounding off the adventure with a convivial aperitif.


Come away with a head full of memories and a stronger team spirit!




From €40/person – Price includes VAT.