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The Salèvenocturne

Snowshoeing under the stars

A convivial winter evening to delight your teams.


With the Salève as its base, the Bureau de la Montagne du Salève takes you on a journey of discovery of the nature and rich history of this emblematic mountain in the Monts de Genève. They know the best viewpoints and sites for mountain sports: climbing, mountain biking, hiking and orienteering.
With BMS, groups will find the satisfaction of a recreational, sporting, educational and, why not, gourmet break in the mountains!


Share an (easy) hike with a nature and astronomy approach, between undergrowth and the vast open plateaus of the Salève under the light of the stars or the moon. On the way, enjoy an aperitif before stopping in the warmth for a delicious meal of half and half fondue, charcuterie, green salad and homemade dessert of the moment, before returning by torchlight. A magical moment!


A convivial evening with your teams, their feet in the snow and stars in their eyes.




76€ /Person, meal and drinks included – Price includes VAT.