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Make your own génépi

Create your own elixir to enjoy or give as a gift!


Action Planet Events has more than 10 years’ experience in events in the French Alps and Switzerland. The agency has developed with the leitmotiv of (re)giving meaning to your events. What’s their advantage? They go where you are!


Who hasn’t dreamed of producing their own eau-de-vie?
The workshop takes place in 5 stages:

  • History of génépi,
  • Blind tasting of 3 different génépis,
  • Choice of recipe according to taste (vodka or fruit spirit) with advice from the distiller,
  • Make your own personalized recipe: weigh the various ingredients that go into your bottle,
  • Debriefing and closing of the workshop with a tasting of Alpine beers and regional products.


A workshop to take home a souvenir typical of our region, to share (in moderation) with your friends and family over the holidays!
Bonus: this activity can be held on your own premises.


10 à 50


90€/person – Price includes VAT.