Experience the French gourmet spirit!

Discover or rediscover a selection of talented winemakers and artisans, and share unusual pairings of wine, cheese and local specialties. Without the protocol and pace of a restaurant, but whenever you feel like it…


Action Planet Events has more than 10 years’ experience in events in the French Alps and Switzerland. The agency has developed with the leitmotiv of (re)giving meaning to your events. What’s their advantage? They go where you are!


This tasting highlights the pairing of 3 wines and 3 cheeses. The sommelier explains the basics of tasting.
A surprise wine is served and a quiz is handed out to each table, who fill it in and try to identify the wine served: region, grape variety, vintage and appellation. The answers to the wine quiz are added up and ranked by table. At the end of the tasting, the results are announced and the winners receive a bottle as a gift.


A moment of exchange and conviviality with your teams to close the year or start 2024 on the right foot.
Bonus: this activity can take place on your own premises.


10 à 100


78€/person Price includes VAT.