A playful returnto school

Crazy Business School

Go back to school and collectively pass our fun and cultural tests to earn the prestigious Crazy Business School diploma.


CrazySchool is the 1st family, educational and cultural escape game. A course of fun, scientific, logical and thought-provoking activities unique in France. The credo of this collaborative and unusual concept is to relax and let go: it requires observation, reflection, creativity and physical fitness. But above all, it requires good group organization and encourages team spirit!

#Get involved

Come and try your hand at one of the many sensory game trails, and challenge your tribe’s mental and physical skills. Observation, reflection, concentration, creativity, imagination, agility, dexterity, physical fitness, but also courage and composure… All these qualities, individual and collective, will be useful to you to honor each test of your overloaded schedule.

What’s more? We can integrate personalized objectives into your course, based on your company’s activities or concepts specific to your sector of activity. These winks are sure to surprise your staff or close colleagues!


A playful return to school, where conviviality, reflection and team spirit go hand in hand. It’s up to you to get the best marks for your prestigious CrazyBusiness School diploma!


10 à 150


From €30/person – Price includes VAT.