Team Building Escape Game Cohesion 15Team Building Escape Game Cohesion 15
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The escape gameadventurer

Adventure team building

A famous adventurer has been captured in the Amazon jungle, and it’s up to you to free him!


The DIVERTY group helps teams adopt and cultivate collaborative postures and organizations thrive; through playful, participatory activities, learning experiences and immersive spaces.
They work to regenerate the power of the collective through play, to create a more collaborative world.


This activity follows in the footsteps of escape rooms, where the aim is to get out of a room by solving various enigmas in less than 60 minutes.
The difference with this escape game is that there’s no capacity limit, the game lasts two hours and it’s they who come to you… So let yourself be surprised by this original scenario!
Teams are brought together in a room, where they have to solve riddles, manipulate objects, demonstrate their ingenuity and intuition… and, above all, team spirit!
What’s more? Depending on your timing, we can offer versions lasting from 20 minutes to 2 hours.


A moment of cohesion through play with your team.


10 à 150


From €60/person – Price includes VAT.