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Les Pitons par l'alpage de Chavanne

Fußgänger Um Archamps
8.4 km
  • Aufstieg auf den Grand Piton (1380 m, die höchste Erhebung des Salève) von Archamps aus, über Wiesen und durchs Unterholz. Die Almen auf dem Gipfel bieten ein 360°-Panorama!
  • Höhenunterschied
    693 m
  • Ganzjährig : täglich.
    Ganzjährig : täglich.
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1 Le Grand Piton viewing point.
Le Grand Piton is the highest point of Le Salève offering a view mainly focused on the Genevois region and Jura.<br/>The tower was built between 1820 and 1830 by Claude-François Bastian, a wealthy notary and mayor of Frangy. Prior to the construction of this tower, this small plateau on the edge of the cliff, which features some of the Salève's finest lapiaz, was home to a 14th-century lookout post.
At the foot of the tower to the north-east, you can enjoy finding a cartouche engraved on the limestone with the names of Lord Byron and Lamartine.
Also on this site is Rocher de la Sorcière, a large limestone boulder popular with climbers, whose shape evokes a stern-looking old woman.
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693 Meter Höhenunterschied
  • Maximale Höhe : 1375 m
  • Minimale Höhe : 721 m
  • Totaler positiver Höhenmeter : 693 m
  • Totaler negativer Höhenmeter : -409 m
  • Maximaler positiver Höhenmeter : 312 m
  • Maximaler negativer Höhenmeter : -306 m