Circuit découverte : La vallée verte et du Risse

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The "grenette" in Boëge was used to weigh grain and press fruit until 1853. The grain was weighed in the stone scales. It is now listed as a Monument Historique.
2 Chapelle Notre-Dame des Voirons
Perched on the ridge between earth and sky, this Gothic chapel has all the necessary components to be a perfect place for contemplation.<br/>The chapel of Notre Dame des Voirons was built in the 15th century, with its back to a rock that climbs higher still and is the source of a little spring. This gothic chapel has all the right elements to make it a place for contemplation.
Located 10 minutes on foot from the monastery, you can reach the recently restored Notre-Dame des Voirons, whose interior has recently been restored, via a woodland path. The chapel is worth the detour in itself, not just for its decor, which is exemplary in its rustic restraint, nor for its attendance, as it is rarely visited. It is worth the visit because, unlike many other religious buildings, this chapel has soul.
There are no ornaments or paintings. It is simply decorated with a statue of the Virgin Mary (Black Madonna, of course), a plain, stone altar and basic furnishings. This simple rectangular stone Gothic chapel measures around 15 metres in length and provides a serene space for those in search of silence and inner peace.
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3 Habère-Lullin château ruins
The château dates back to the 15th century. The Marquis de Lullin built the Gothic castle which has retained its style despite construction work up to the 17th century.<br/>In December 1943, the château saw a tragic event. A group of young people organised a ball for Christmas Eve. The Germans received information of this and, believing them to be members of the Resistance, attacked the church. The château was set on fire and all the men were shot. Only the women were spared. Now, all that's left are a few walls and a monument in memory of the young men.
4 Toilettes sèches du lac de la Crossetaz
Toilettes sèches du lac de la Crossetaz
5 La Crossetaz lake
The Lac de la Crossetaz is a charming spot for a picnic, fishing or just rest and relaxation in the great outdoors. The footpath is behind the church in Habère-Lullin. It's a ten minute slightly downhill walk.<br/>Composting toilets on the footpath.
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6 Office de Tourisme
Office de Tourisme
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7 Hirmentaz-Les Habères
Hirmentaz-Les Habères
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8 Lake Vallon
Created by a landslide in 1943, lake Vallon keeps secrets steeped in history. The lake, standing in the shadow of Roc d'Enfer between mountains and forests, delights walkers and anglers ( a haven for trout).
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9 Randonnée "le Lac de Vallon"
Randonnée "le Lac de Vallon"
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10 Ecomusée Paysalp
A museum that recounts life in the mountains in the last century. Carpenters, blacksmiths, farmers... tell you about their daily lives in an immersive exhibition. As a family, with friends, as a couple or even on your own, we look forward to welcoming you.<br/>There are so many unusual objects in this museum! But who did they belong to, and what could they have been used for? It's up to you to find out with our game booklets for young and old. You'll even be able to solve a certificate exercise in the classroom, bringing back memories for some.
Are you a gamer? Then our Absurd Game is for you: a timed exploration of the Museum filled with enigmas. Can you conjure up the curse that threatens you?
Groups all year round on reservation:
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